Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiny Flowers Lay Upon Me

Floral is a very popular trend, especially in the summer! It is a must-have whether you buy small prints or large prints, shirts, dresses or accessories... I recently started wearing a lot more florals of all types and thought I would share some of my favorites =)
This one is from H&M, and I've had it for over a year now, I don't wear it as much because it feels like a  dressy shirt now...
A more neutral and light print, I got it this year and have worn it probably once a week, especially in the beginning of the summer.
Purse from Target, it has flowers though it looks like little splotches. Its a small cross-body but it can fit a LOT! I've been wearing frequently probably because the black and white matches everything.
My newest addition =) I got it a while back but started wearing it towards the middle and end of summer, I like to belt it with a masculine black belt so its not too girly =)
A close up of the colors

 Do you wear florals? What are your favorites?
<3 Bellesme

Saturday, August 13, 2011

H&M, Forever 21 and Wetseal

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all having an amazing summer break! Sadly, all I have been doing is reading for my Lit class so I have been neglecting this blog, as well as reading other blogs as well. I can't seem to find enough time in a day! Anyways this post is about a mall trip from a few weeks ago...
I went to the mall with Elle, Zoe and their sisters, and Leslie Burke, and another friend. Its always interesting to go to the mall with so many different friends, people go everywhere and everyone has an opinion about something =) We went into Build a Bear Factory, and looked at all of the non-stuffed animals. They looked so cute without the stuffing!
Pinkberry!! I tried watermelon and caramel, and I love them!

This shirt was from Forever 21, ALL of us tried it on, but no one bought it except for me. I was so excited that we would all be quintuplets! =P The belt is a little weird, so Im going to wear it a little lower, it looks better that way. Oh, it was $17.80

And... guess what?? I saw Lennox on Melissa & Joey wearing this shirt! =) 
I don't really like that she tucked it into her pants and pulled the sleeves up, I think it looks weird, but thats just me. I was so excited, and showed my friends and they were like "What? Thats all?' =P
It's weird how you don't notice the heart pattern until you wear it. 

I also got this from Forever 21 but in the end I returned it, it just looked a little weird on.
I love this necklace! Its also from Forever 21, it was $4.80 I love the color and how sparkly it is, I don't have any rock, sharp necklace and it's actually a little long. I really like it. 
Another Forever 21 necklace, this one was $6.80
Love this pleated/flare school girl dress from H&M!

A strapless stripe dress also from H&M, ($10!)

Jeans from Wetseal, they were having a buy one get one 1 cent sale, so I got two jeans for  around $17. Total steal...
I have no clue why in the picture the right side looks shorter than the left..

Super soft skinny jeans!
Any good buys recently? I would love to know! =)