Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Hey everyone! My blogs first birthday was March 12th! I wasn't really blogging I guess until the end of the month. I kept reminding myself that it was in March but I have been so busy I completely forgot!

Anyway, I would like to say thank you so much to ALL of my followers and readers!!

I know lately my posts have been random, but I have a huge math test tomorrow, and the final in two weeks.. so bear with me =)
Love you guys!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Not Friday (anymore)

Yes this is about the song Friday. As some of you might have seen from my tweets, I have a lot of tweets about her... because the lyrics are so easy to manipulate. (I'm not evil, I swear, only to my closest friends because we just like being fake evil to each other) Its not that I hate her, I don't like to be mean, but its that I really don't like the song, I mean the lyrics are hilariously bad, she could have done so much better...
But I guess she got what she wanted, because she is still trending on Twitter.
Believe it or not, I heard people singing this at school on Thursday, and then my whole Lit class was talking about it on Friday. Then I heard even MORE people talking about it. See? She's doing something right, right?
Also, did you guys notice that the car is FULL in the music video? So there is no seat for her to take? Also, she has a friend on her LEFT side too...Oh! And doesn't the song sound just like Baby?
Baby, Baby
Friday, Friday =D

Do you guys like the song? I do admit, its pretty catchy. Let me know...


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey everyone!
I finally got my permit on Friday (Feb 25th) , and though it didn't take really long, the only bad part was when they took my picture, I thought my eyes were closed, but the lady was like "oh its okay" and turns out my eyes are HALF closed, and since I'm smiling, I look drunk!!! =( I do hope they take a new picture for your license, if anyone knows, please tell me =P

So I went driving on Saturday (my moms birthday!), my dad helped me, and I was soo scared at first because of all the cars and how close they were, but after a while I really enjoyed it! The only thing I don't like is having to check my blind spots before turning or changing lanes because while I check them, I turn towards the lane instead of moving forward.

Also, we've had close calls where my dad told me to stop or slow down during a U-turn or parking, but I kept going and he was shocked that we didn't crash. hehe. I guess I should be more careful though. =P
Anyways, as I'm typing this, I realized my legs are sore, I think its from driving, like pressing the brake petal so hard. Woops.
March 13th:
Since we moved, we go to the old house when my dad comes home, to check for mail, and he lets me drive, so lately I have only been driving at night. My dad says I'll get too used to it, and won't be able to drive in the daylight, and I said that I should just become a vampire then.. (we make a lot of vampire jokes because my parents find twilight funny, and think I'm obsessed with it)

Note: I had this typed, but not posted, since the end of February, again I have no idea why.. =P

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Trivia Answers

The answers are up on the original post! You can check it out here!
How did you guys do? Would you like more random games like that once in a while? =)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Super Old Mall Haul!

Hey guys, so, sorry this is late, but whenever I remembered to take pictures, it was dark outside...
That's all I guess =) Enjoy!
-Wow, I just noticed I never posted this. Woops.. I think this is from 2 months ago =P
I know I don't usually put pictures of the bag, but I really liked this Charlotte Russe bag, the bright green color, and the style...
This was the ring I actually got a while back, but had to change for a different size, its more gold than shiny crystals, but the camera wouldn't pick it up.
I got this Carried away body mist from Bath and Body works when it first came out and it was $2, I also found this shower gel in the 75% off section, and though it was originally $3.50 (for TWO ounces!), the lady said it was 20 cents, so I bought it =)
This is me and my friends going crazy at the macy's mac counter. The lipstick colors were so pretty and vibrant though! I had to take a picture =) I think this was from a mall trip later on...
I think my camera can't pick up the color black.. but this is a real black trench coat from New York and Company, my mom was going to buy one, and it was buy one get one half off, and we had a coupon, but all I remember is the final price was $36.
Heres another picture with flash..

The picture on the right is with flash. I got this cardigan from New York and Company, for $15, but the final price was $8! I really like the plaid(?) school girl feel, I don't have anything like this, so I can't wait to wear a nice sophisticated outfit with it =D
Details. I think the red stitching looks like hearts, don't you?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movie Trivia/Quote Game

Hey guys! So my family and I watched a movie together, and it had three unique quotes in it, my dad kept pointing it out to us, so that got me thinking of random quotes from movies I have watched. I've made it a mini-game, called Name that Movie. I will edit this post and post the answers for each at the end, so check back to see how many you got right! (Leave your guesses in the comments-pretty please?)

1. "You can't handle the truth!"
2. "Weirdo with a Beardo."
3. "I AM the law!"
4. "Its so FLUFFY I could die!" 
5. "Mine.Mine.Mine.Mine." 
6. "The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it" (This is from a TV show)


1. A Few Good Men  2. Evan Almighty  3. Judge Dred  4. Despicable Me  5. Finding Nemo 6. Pretty Little Liars

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Deprived

Hey everyone! I know my blogging has been erratic lately, but then I went missing for a week, I'm just going to fill you in on whats going on in my life right now, so you could say that this is another rambly Friday post! =)

So I was in LA last weekend, and while I was there, my parents moved, when I came back, we were in a new house (the way I wrote it may sound like it was a surprise, but I knew we were moving). I was packing the week before, I think I packed like 20 boxes of basically stuff, from my room.

When I came back, we were supposed to have internet on Monday, but apparently we were going to get it on Friday (today) so I had to go one week without internet, which was hard, especially because I needed to check my mail. Thankfully, I could with my moms iphone, but still, it was hard without a computer.

Now that I finally have internet, I think I will be reading and catching up on all of your blogs, because I have been blog deprived, and I seriously felt a piece of me missing, like I wasn't complete. I know that sounds like I'm too attached, but you understand what I mean if you are a blogger.

I may be still be missing a little, but that is just because I have to catch up on everything (like Glee!) so you can just leave a comment, or email me =)
Have a great weekend!