Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! + Resolutions for 2011

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!!! Like everyone else, I can't believe its 2011 already...  it went by so fast! I hope everyone had a great year! Are you guys going to any parties? Stay safe!
Sorry about the random posts this week, I was spending time with family and friends and didn't have much internet time. I was able to go to the mall for a short time though, so I'll put up a haul =)

1. Be the best person I can be (give gifts for no reason, don't get mad at annoying brothers, smile, don't stress, etc)
2. Study for the SAT, and my Calc class, especially for tests.
3. Go on holidays/spend time with friends, or time for myself.
4. Get a job/earn money some way =P
5. Read more, spend less time on the computer

I can't think of any more, but I hope that by putting it up here, I might actually follow them =)
What are your new years resolutions?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

CSN Stores Adi Boots Review

Hey guys! I was able to do a review, so I decided to get these Ugg-like boots, because I personally don't really like them, and wouldn't pay for them, so I decided to try them out.
The packaging was very nice, it looked like good quality.

I think the price is okay, its $35, I think that even though they may not look good, they are REALLY soft and they keep your feet warm, so far I have worn them around the house, and whenever I take them off, my feet are so cold! I think they are comfortable, I got a size 6, which was a little big for me, and I have heard that ugg-like boots are bad for your feet because they have no support. I haven't worn them outside for a long period of time, so I do not know how comfortable they are outside. But I did get the bottom with more of a base because of that.
All in all, I think 4/5 stars.
Do you guys wear Uggs? Or fake Uggs?
P.S. Check out my giveaway here, there's only one entry.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Huge Collective Haul!

So, on Monday, I broke my record of not going to the mall for 15 weeks, its not that I didn't want to go, its that I didn't have time or the chance to go. Technically, I haven't been to the mall since before we went to Turkey, because I went after just to have my laptop checked because it fell at the airport.
I went to Kohl's on Saturday, the mall and Target on  Monday, had a quick trip to Marshalls on Tuesday, and some online shopping, because I wasn't able to go anywhere =)
Me, Dee and Leslie Burke found best friend necklaces but since we were three people we got the extra colorful one. They are so cute! They were $7.50 and $5.50 but 25% off, plus 20% off so we paid $8 for all three =) They are actually from Childrens place =)
I found this picture online, I didn't get a B, but I decided to put this picture for the blog =)
It was $5.50, but I got it for $3.60, Also Childrens place
 I got this necklace from New York and Company, everything was half off, so it was $10, if you haven't seen my last post, I LOOOVE gold! And, like everything else I got, its SO cute! =D
 I got this purse for myself (from Macy's) its has a slightly poofy feel, and its really soft, I just really love it. I don't know what I was thinking, I was going to get it for $52, but it was on sale for $36, and I had a coupon, so that was good. 
With flash...
 My mom bought a shirt from The Limited and she wanted me to return it, but I had to get store credit because she got it with a credit card, so I got this, its a belt, but I think I'll use it as a necklace too. It was 12.99
You know how I was talking about how Nine west started making nice things? Look at this bag! Its like not fluffy, but like a poofy raincoat material, I got it for my mom. (Also Macys)
I got this bag for my mom too, its by Carlos and its sooo cute, I wont put up the price here though, if she reads this. And, again Macy's.
I got this silk scarf from Marshall's I'm going to wear it with my nautical shirt from Turkey, which I can't tell if its navy or black, but its not obvious so it'll match. I love the color, and its super soft and thin. It was $15.
I got these bright yellow sweats/PJ bottoms for $9 from Old Navy, and I just noticed that it has my birth year on it =)
Kohls: I got these for layering in winter, they are really thin, so they are good for layering, they are soo soft as well.  They were $7.99 each, and those mittens are my baby brothers, they were $4 I think. 
Kohls: I got this thermal floral shirt, I don't have anything like this, and its soo soft! Perfect for layering, and I love it! It was $7.99
I got a 2011 calendar for a dollar from Target, and these strawberry and watermelon nails ($4) after I saw that Elle got them for her younger sister =)
I saw this everywhere, and I really wanted to buy her other three books but I'll just get it from the library. I'll look through it, if it has things worth to have around, I'll keep it, it looks pretty good though. Can't wait to read it! It was 30% off, so it was ~$13, from Target
I tie up my hair a lot, and when they get stretched out, I can't use them anymore so I got this pack which is so cute, perfect for little gifts, it was just a dollar! (Target)
I got this from Jewelmint and everything is $30, and they have a lot of nice jewelry, I got this for $15 with a half off coupon, but I just want to say be careful, it may not be the best quality
I got this from Walmart, the Miley and Max section, it was on sale for $8 and with .97 shipping, it was only $9 =)

Sorry this is late, I have been working on this every break I got but it takes a while to go through the hundreds of pictures I took...
Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade Double Chocolate Chip Frap

Hey guys! So, instead of buying double chocolate chip fraps from Starbucks, I found some recipes online.
You need:
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (I've forgotten to include this before, it hasn't changed the taste)
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips 
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup
  • 2 cups of ice
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla
  • Whip cream (optional)
Ingredients.. NOTE: The Hershey's chocolate syrup tastes a little off. It's better to get the Smuckers chocolate syrup.
Put the chocolate chips in the blender and blend
Add the ice, and milk, and syrup, vanilla, and the sugar
Blend it all up! (Thats my baby brother sitting next to the blender)
Add whip cream, and chocolate or caramel syrup on top. (I don't like whip cream)

Basically put it all in the blender and blend. It is better to have small chocolate shavings instead, because the chocolate chips don't fit through the straw because the pieces are too big. Pour it in a nice tall glass with whatever topping you like. Serve cold, with a straw.
Bon Appetit! Tell me how it turns out if you guys like it! Sorry about no post yesterday, but I have a huge haul coming up!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gold, Glitter and Sparkles

Even though I have really been into glitter, sparkles, a lot of gold, but basically anything shiny, I decided to post this close to Christmas, because many bloggers enjoy this once a year "Glitter movement" =D I personally will wear glitter and sequins even if it isn't the holidays, but I don't own many glittery clothes or accessories. These are some things I wish were in my closet =)

So simple, but it stands out so much! My favorite!

I know Mommytard has this plain just gold glitter iphone case, but I couldn't find hers.

Perfect little glitter pieces!

I need these... (the silver ones)


What are you guys loving this holiday season?
*Pictures from F21, ebay, amazon and Charlotte Russe