Saturday, January 29, 2011

Target and Dollar Store Super Mini Haul

I went to the dollar store and Target last weekend, and since you guys enjoy hauls, I decided to share..
Just a cute little post it from the dollar section in Target (I have an obsession with post its, I used to collect them.. I have at least 20 pads)

Dollar Store
This is only two of the twelve or so things I got, the others are mini gifts, or might be gifts so I won't show them.
Comes with four in a pack, its soo cool! You smash a packet, and a mini balloon inflates! 

Wacky glasses!! They look super funny, especially on my brothers because of the girly eyes.

I LOVE dollar stores because you can find sooo many great things that normally are more expensive! If I was rich, I would totally buy like 100 chocolate roses, and then pass them out during Valentines day... how awesome would that be? Anything you have bought recently? Do you shop at dollar stores?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fantasy Friday

I think I should make my Friday posts rambly from now on =) Because its the end of the week, I'm tired and it's like the day before the weekend.. I dunno.. =P I will have the haul up soon, I actually have two, but I forgot about the other one, so I need to take pictures..

Anyway, here are some pictures from my week...
(image via google)
I LOOOVE German chocolate cake, and tonight I'm going to try to make the cupcake version!!

If you've seen on my Twitter, I've been reading this book (Style by Lauren C) this week, and I LOVE it. I actually finished it and I was like "NOOOOOO!!!" =P If anyone knows a similar book, please let me know, I love books like these)

My "I'm thankful for...." journal everyday, even if it is something small (like Jan 24th: LC's Style book)
I write something down...

My inspiration pictures from magazines, I hope to pin them up one day, and my mini mailbox! (Target)
Like any other picture, you can click to enlarge...
They are mini watermelons! SO CUTE! =)
I got these a while back, and I didn't know they were press-ons which basically mean they have a little glue, and you press them on. Now, I don't wear nail polish much, besides the fact that my nails are super short (I bite them =/) I don't like the stuff on my nail, I don't know how to explain it. But these are so cool! You can just take them off whenever you want, sure its bad because they might fall of easily, but if you are like me, you'll love them! They were Smackers with a watermelon, and strawberry print, from Target.

I'm so glad it's Friday, as usual =) But I really feel tired and drained out this week, and I have SO much homework to do this weekend.. blechhhhhhh
Bellesme =)

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Been a While....

Are you ready?? I WENT TO THE MALL!!! Lol.... I know its not that important for some people, but as a person who went to the mall 3-4 times a month, I have rarely went these last two years. I actually last went in June 2010 before I went to Turkey, when we came back we went to ask Apple about my laptop which fell at the airport =( I didn't go to the mall until winter break, on December 20th or something, and I only went twice during our two week break! Anyways, we went like two weeks ago with my whole family (big mistake) and as a result we got soap from Bath and Body works. Yeah, thats it.
Well I went today with my mom, we are still looking for a good winter jacket for me, because I don't fit in anything... but today's post isn't a haul, sorry. I have homework and two tests coming up, so maybe later.
Anyway, sorry about the long intro... I just wanted to share the cutest purse I saw at Macy's.
Its by Guess, and I love it because its so polished, like for work or something, but then its so cute at the same time.. then I saw this:
Ah!! Adorbs!! (I don't say that in real life...)
And then I saw this online!
Its like totally all out Barbie pink, perfect for Dee, who we nicknamed Barbie =P
I think my favorite is the middle one, its not too bright, but still very fun! Oh, the price? Just $98, I mean, I could buy like 5 with the money I have. Not. I can't wait till this goes on sale, preferably to $35 and then I will have a $15 coupon sent from heaven? Or am I being really cheap?

While we are talking about purses going on sale, heres another one I love!
Its Carlos by Carlos Santana, who apparently was a musician. Anyway, Macy's has not been able to put a price on it, its always $58, then it goes down to $43, and once it went to $35 or something, but its just been going back and forth from $43 to $58 (original price $78) What do you guys think? Should I get it when it goes dow to $35 again? Keep in mind there are some tank tops from Charlotte Russe that I need. Yes, need, for Spring..
I hope to have my haul up soon... mean while you can check out my Blog Sale! I just added some brand new Urban Decay makeup!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm having a blog sale! You can check it here! Most of the things are $4-5 and prices are negotiable.
I'm super excited, I hope this works out well =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Rambles

Hey everyone! This is just going to be another random rambly post... =) Let me know if you guys like these posts or not.
I just had a crazy hard Calculus test.. =/ I really hate those tests, only 3 a semester but 80% of our grade! My teacher said she would have some stuff from last semester, but there were SOO many things from last semester it was crazy! I barely finished! Anyway glad thats over... Here are some funny jokes I found online

     But on Tuesday I'm going to have a Physio and Spanish test... why do those two classes always have tests at the same time?? I think its going to be a really hard Spanish test because my teacher wants us to know spanish speaking countries, and some random ones, around the world in Spanish! =( And a lot of Por y Para, subjunctive, blah blah blah. Btw, if any of you are taking Spanish check out the first semester of Spanish love song on youtube, its pretty funny =)
     Oh!! I found the perfect tank tops on Charlotte Russe's website! They are all on sale for $15 and they are the cutest things ever, but I really like four, that I might buy for Spring/Summer so I need to earn some money.. any ideas? I'm thinking a blog sale, but I'm not sure how to format that on my blog. If anyone knows please tell me, but I'll Google it too. -TGIF!! I actually really want to do some homework right now and get ahead.. I know my dad will be shocked =)
Have an awesome weekend! Also, if you have any requests, please comment below, I'm always open for ideas.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Street Style ft. Selena Gomez

Hey everyone! Hope everyone's doing okay. I got a lot of positive feedback on my red carpet style post, and I had so much fun doing it, so thank you! It means a lot. Here I have a street style one, again featuring Selena =)
Selena out in London, its a glittery sparkling jacket! LOVE! I think she has a scarf hiding underneath =) 
 This is actually from her show Wizards of Waverly Place, I've always loved her outfits there too, but this season is definitely the best! The silky top, the belt and asymmetrical necklace, SO cute!
These are from her concerts. Casual, stripes and a cute scarf bundled up! I LOVE stripes and nautical colors are the best! This one is more flowy like a dress.
 Stripes again! Cute gray jeans, and she's wearing brown Uggs I think. The top has a shoulder design, which I LOVE but haven't been able to find any that fit me. Long sleeves are better than short for the shoulder detail.
L- Out to dinner with her mom, how cute are her glasses? Floral shirt, amazing black blazer (it looks great on her), jeans and some shiny black pumps, that go well with everything! R-I think shes in London, this time opting for a short and sweet coat, love the pleats on it! Jeans (same as the left), and brown boots, great to stay warm, and comfy! 
Out in London again. Floral top with some skinny jeans and a tweed navy coat. 
Same heels, another coat/cape (do you see her arms sticking out under the "sleeves"?) a dress with tights.
L-Promoting her Walmart line, jeans, heels, brown leather jacket, and for accessories a bright purple scarf, and hoop earrings! R-Again in London, wearing her black, purple and pink heels, (she wore those a lot!) and AMAZING red coat, gray mini skirt with a huge bow belt, and a simple cream turtle neck. The red coat is amazing, perfect for the holidays! I would love to have one.
She has a lot of simple accessories like scarves, heels, and belts. She also wears a lot of floral. I think she has a comfy laid back but stylish and put together style. These weren't just random paparazzi pictures, so she was a little more dressed up.
I think I'll do Miley, or Kim K next. Who would you like to see? Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Carpet Style ft. Selena Gomez

Hey guys! I realized I never do style posts even though I love them! This is on Selena Gomez, I love everything she wears, literally. She has the sweetest, simple but very bold and stylish red carpet outfits. So I thought I would share my favorites.
A simple white dress with some embellishments, very nice nude heels, and her hair looks really dark but contrasts well with the dress.
A belted gray Max Azria mini. I think the gray looks amazing, it doesn't have much detail, but it is very fancy, and the belt makes it her own!
Two floor-length dresses, L- has very simple flowers, and its a dusty pink, so girly! R- Off white, but some folds in the fabric make it a little more interesting. She has the same hairstyle for both.
Here are more bold dresses. Bright yellow! It looks really nice, perfect for her age.
LOVE the silver, she really made a statement, but I think it was a little old for her because of the slit.
L-Simple pink and fluffy, she has a ring and a bracelet. On one side is the dress, the other has her hair. R-Very basic white mini, but the sleeves are really nice! 
I think these are both my Marchesa. L-I LOVE this dress, its a stone color, with embellishments, but the rest of the dress is a flowy fabric, dressed up but not over the top. R- Hot pink! She looks really mature here, I don't really like the hair color, but her hair and the dress look really cute. The bow and color make it great for her age.
L-BEST dress ever. A very fun print with butterflies, and has a longer back to make it more elegant, but a short front to make fun! I do think its a little too short though. Super cute, I would love to own this dress. Her hair is amazing, and the heels go very well with the dress.
R- Fun purple and black dress the top is sparkly. Her heels go great, and her hair doesn't clash. 

Overall Selena has said that she prefers one shoulder or strapless dresses, and you can see that here, but it doesn't mean she only wears that. She dresses really well for her age, sometimes elegant, sometimes cute and fun, and I love that about her! Very rarely does she dress old for her age, but as she transitions from a teen to an adult, that is normal, and she does a really good job of it while being modest instead of trying to wear inappropriate clothes.
What do you guys think?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nutella Rolls

Heres a nice snack for you guys, I used to eat this every day after school, but now its more of a treat. Its really good on cold days, but of course, you can still eat it when its hot =) Its very simple and easy to do, it only takes 4 minutes (2 if you don't clean up ;) )
Uncooked Flour Tortillas
Cook the tortilla in a pan until little bubbles come up (don't for get to flip it a few times)
Spread on the nutella.
Serve with cold milk
Soo simple! Please forgive the last picture, I was too hungry =)
Let me know if you try it out!
7 more hours!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whats My Name?

AAHH the amazing Euchante mentioned me!! LOL, only because I left a very long comment about her awesomeness... uh yeah. well at least she didn't get scared. I watch her on youtube and if you do not know here you can check out her blog, but start out with this post because, she mentioned me! hehhe, and if you leave a comment, please tell her I sent you? That would be lovely.

In other news, I  have two days until my giveaway ends! So, I decided that anyone who enters WILL get a little gift from me =) As a thank you for entering, because very few people entered.

Sorry for the short post, TGIAF! (Thank goodness its almost Friday)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Week, Another Monday

Hey everyone! (note: this is a random blog)
So its Monday again, but I can't wait to get this crazy busy week over with for the three day weekend! Woohoo! =) I actually have an A in my calculus class! I'm soo happy! Also, I see soo many new followers! Hi guys!!!
So, we are going to be moving soon, I think, maybe in a month or two.. I'm excited to re-organize and redecorate my room! The only bad thing would probably be because its in the middle of the year, I hope I can still easily get dressed and of course do homework...
I have two essays to be revised by Friday, and a project due Wednesday, but anyways enough about homework. So, I'm not sure what type of posts I should do, I was thinking if I should make a mini poll on the side, to ask you guys, I love to see hauls and stuff like celebrity outfits, but I'm not the one really reading my own blog =) And of course, I don't go shopping everyday.
So, let me know what you guys think.
I added another gift to my giveaway!! Its an Urban Decay eyeshadow, you can see it here. Thank you soo much to Sunny & Star and Viva La Fashion for entering =)
I guess thats all, have a nice week!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ceramics Pumpkins and Update

Hey guys! Its the first weekend since break, it was soo hard to go back to school, and I have so many essay's and tests-teachers are crazy! Heres an update on the one class that requires relaxation and fun! =)
Because Ceramics requires a lot of work, making the object, firing, glazing, and re-firing, and then having the teacher grade it, these are the pumpkins from Halloween.. 
Some pumpkins that classmates made, so creative!
L-My friend actually made this pinch pot, she's soo good at it.
R- My boat and person, but the little guy broke =(
My tile! This was a 3D project, its supposed to stand out. (This is a more recent project) I'm painting it now! (We paint these, not glaze them)
This is my "teacup" I didn't like this product that much, it was a little hard..
L-Someones tile, SO pretty! Especially the rose
R- My friends teacup, I love the design, and the fact that she was able to continue it to her foot! (its upside down)
My mini-tile! I saw that someone else had done this for their 6x6" tile, so I made a 2x2" one.
I'm always the last person to finish the projects, either because I try to make everything right, or because I'm just slow, but I actually did this tile in about 20 minutes, whereas my other tile.. I think it was like 5 weeks.
My pumpkins! I made mini-ones! (duh) Does the face look familiar? Yeah, I copy people too much =/
I actually hate being copied in real life (not the internet), because I love to be unique, but I figure because they are in different periods, and will never see my pumpkin when I take it home its okay. 
This was my mini-cup, it pretty much fits my thumb.
Closer views..
Yay my mini-boat! In case you didn't figure it out, I love mini things =)By the second week of school my teacher decided to call me the maker of mini things =P
You may be wondering what happened to Spiky?(If you don't know what I'm talking about-here) Well, I wanted a specific glaze, and my teacher ordered glazes in November, but she kept forgetting mine, so its still waiting in my locker, half-glazed. =) Believe me, I can't wait until its done too!!
Have you made anything yourself you're really proud of? Please share!
P.S. I extended the giveaway deadline.