Thursday, November 24, 2011

You're so Lucky!

Hey everyone!
It's Thanksgiving! My Econ teacher recently showed us a 30 days episode {info here}where they try to live in Ohio on minimum wage. The guy and his wife both work, and live in a cold and tiny house in a not-so-safe neighborhood, and it really shows the troubles they go through like difficulty buying food, what happens when you get sick, etc.
I really recommend you watch it, I think its only about 45 minutes. It really shows how much trouble people have with living off of minimum wage. And this couple doesn't even have kids! In comparison to them, we (and I'm sure most of my readers) have such an amazing lifestyle to the point that almost everything for us is excess, and not even a necessity. 

You may think "Well what can I do?". You can do anything. Literally. If you aren't very wealthy, then volunteer. If you don't have any time at all-donate! You can donate food, clothes, house appliances, or even money.

For me the most important thing that I have noticed is waste. Especially on holidays where food is an integral part (hint hint: Thanksgiving). Please, please, please don't take more than you can eat! I know its difficult if someone else puts your food on a plate for you, but just ask if you can do it yourself.
And if any food is left over-throw it in a far corner in your backyard for the animals and bugs. Just don't throw it away. I think this is what really hurts me the most. A little bit of me dies inside when I see people throw full plates of food in the trash at school.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, please think of the homeless and hungry when you have your Thanksgiving feast. And remember not to waste!
I'm thankful for all of you guys <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Wishlist

Just some items on my wishlist... and what I hope to find on sale on Friday =)


So cozy and comfy!

Skinny jeans {left unknown, right Target}

{Sparkly! Target}
Its less blush and more pink in real life

White iphone 4? Pretty please? =)

Cute and sparkly cases

What's on your wishlist?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Much Loved Shoes

Can you tell I'm busy? I've been posting once a month-crazy!
Today I wanted to share with you guys some shoes that I absolutely love(d) but they got really old and after getting wet at the beach they became disgusting, and I had to find a new pair, because they are so comfortable. So I went on Ebay! =)




See what I mean? I've had those shoes for such a long time.....
Do you have any pieces you just can't live without?

Miss you guys!

*If anyone is wondering, I think these were the Skechers Pretty Tall shoes. I am not affiliated with Sketchers

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wake Me Up

When its all over.... second semester =)
Hey everyone! Its the last day of September, my last post was 27 days ago, and senior year is SO BUSY!
As much as I enjoy and love blogging, I honestly haven't had the time, and I haven't been feeling inspired. I forget to take pictures, I take too many pictures, I forget to take a picture of ONE thing, and then my little folder waits on my desktop until I finally make a blog post about it.
I've had bloggers, or even youtubers I've loved dissappear for a long time, and I know how it feels, if anyone actually loves my blog =) I decided I'm not going to come back and apologize for my absence every time I do a post because that just gets boring and unecessary. If any of you really truly miss me, you can find me on ~twitter~ because I absolutely love to talk =)

I just wanted to let you all know that I am alive, just uninspired, and so busy. Also, I want to do outfit posts, which I am SO excited for, except that I can only start second semester. And because it will have my name and my face, I don't want everyone to link up my name with Bellesme (which is made up) just yet, so that does mean I'll have to say goodbye to all of you readers ='( though maybe you'll find my second blog =)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Uno Dos Tres

Hey everyone!
I wanted to share with you guys a great deal I got today... actually a steal.  We went to TJMaxx and I saw this cute little cylinder shape straw purse, and then I saw the price, and my jaw dropped..
picture with flash
It was normally $19.99, but I obviously didn't pay that much. I didn't pay $16, $12, $10, $7, or even $5. (Those were all of the previous sale prices) I got it for $3. Yup. Three. Sweeeet. =)
without flash
Please share if you got any deals recently =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiny Flowers Lay Upon Me

Floral is a very popular trend, especially in the summer! It is a must-have whether you buy small prints or large prints, shirts, dresses or accessories... I recently started wearing a lot more florals of all types and thought I would share some of my favorites =)
This one is from H&M, and I've had it for over a year now, I don't wear it as much because it feels like a  dressy shirt now...
A more neutral and light print, I got it this year and have worn it probably once a week, especially in the beginning of the summer.
Purse from Target, it has flowers though it looks like little splotches. Its a small cross-body but it can fit a LOT! I've been wearing frequently probably because the black and white matches everything.
My newest addition =) I got it a while back but started wearing it towards the middle and end of summer, I like to belt it with a masculine black belt so its not too girly =)
A close up of the colors

 Do you wear florals? What are your favorites?
<3 Bellesme

Saturday, August 13, 2011

H&M, Forever 21 and Wetseal

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all having an amazing summer break! Sadly, all I have been doing is reading for my Lit class so I have been neglecting this blog, as well as reading other blogs as well. I can't seem to find enough time in a day! Anyways this post is about a mall trip from a few weeks ago...
I went to the mall with Elle, Zoe and their sisters, and Leslie Burke, and another friend. Its always interesting to go to the mall with so many different friends, people go everywhere and everyone has an opinion about something =) We went into Build a Bear Factory, and looked at all of the non-stuffed animals. They looked so cute without the stuffing!
Pinkberry!! I tried watermelon and caramel, and I love them!

This shirt was from Forever 21, ALL of us tried it on, but no one bought it except for me. I was so excited that we would all be quintuplets! =P The belt is a little weird, so Im going to wear it a little lower, it looks better that way. Oh, it was $17.80

And... guess what?? I saw Lennox on Melissa & Joey wearing this shirt! =) 
I don't really like that she tucked it into her pants and pulled the sleeves up, I think it looks weird, but thats just me. I was so excited, and showed my friends and they were like "What? Thats all?' =P
It's weird how you don't notice the heart pattern until you wear it. 

I also got this from Forever 21 but in the end I returned it, it just looked a little weird on.
I love this necklace! Its also from Forever 21, it was $4.80 I love the color and how sparkly it is, I don't have any rock, sharp necklace and it's actually a little long. I really like it. 
Another Forever 21 necklace, this one was $6.80
Love this pleated/flare school girl dress from H&M!

A strapless stripe dress also from H&M, ($10!)

Jeans from Wetseal, they were having a buy one get one 1 cent sale, so I got two jeans for  around $17. Total steal...
I have no clue why in the picture the right side looks shorter than the left..

Super soft skinny jeans!
Any good buys recently? I would love to know! =)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Update: Sunglasses + Grouchy Strawberry!

Hey everyone!
Just a little update, some glasses I bought from Kohl's on my baby brother (he looks like a cute little fly or something really familiar but I can't remember) and Grouchy Strawberry got a makeover! She's a pirate Michael Jackson. At least to me.... =P

He kind of reminds me of a picture from a magazine, huge glasses, no smile.. =P

What have you guys been up to lately?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ceramics ft. Friends!

Hey everyone!

Here are some pieces from my friends, some of them are absolutely amazing and I love them, so I thought I would share.

So simple, but still nice

My friend named him Donatello =)

New York Cheesecake

Isn't the detail on this amazing? It also opens up so you can put stuff in it!

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything Haul

Hello Everyone!
I can't believe its been two weeks since my last post. I seriously don't know where the time flies. School is going to start in a month and I haven't started my AP English summer homework. Woops. On a happier note, I have a collective haul for you! It's little bits from here and there that I just never posted.

I needed a white purse, and though this isn't white all over, its perfect for summer! It was on sale at Asos, I think for $33 but I had a coupon so I got it for $26. When it first came I didn't like it, I felt like $26 was too much, because the color looked off-white, but now... I  absolutely love, love, love this purse.  I wore it everywhere for about a month. Then I got worried that it would get old so I let it rest a little. It has this (vintage?) feel to it, and it looks expensive (at least to me). I love the straw detailing, I love that its a clutch and a crossbody, and I love that it's boxy. It's my little baby <3 =)

I heard about Juice Beauty from and they had a special code, for some samples and a free full size product, so I ordered =)
This is the Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask. I have to say I only used this twice, but I didn't see anything different or feel different. I don't think its worth buying.
SPF 30 Mineral tinted moisturizer. This is an okay product, its not amazing, but I have to say the smell is so weird, it reminds me of spicy peppers. 
These are... grouchy strawberries! (Inside joke between me and Leslie Burke) I found them at Ikea, and aren't they so cute? One is mine, and I gave the other to Leslie.
Shiny bracelet I found at Macy's, on sale for $8 I think. I love it!

I got these two necklaces from Forever 21, at $1.50 each, I had to buy them =) I haven't worn them yet because they are a little high (close to my neck) so I need to extend them.
Color changing nail polish! It goes from purple to pink, and you can actually see the difference in color!
These are also from Forever 21 ($8). I couldn't choose at the store so I bought both, I gave the silver one as a gift to a friend.
Found this book on eBay, it was only $3 or $4. I do like it, but I like Lauren Conrad's Style book more.

Remember there was a crazy sale on Dillard's? Yeah me neither. But I had seen this (SPARKLY!) purse and put it in my shopping cart ($25 from $130) and it sort of waited there for a while, and then it was sold out! =(
Luckily I found it on eBay! =) I did pay a little more, but I guess that was my fault for not buying the thing quickly in the first place.
The brand is Gianni Bini, I've actually never heard of it before, but found out its only sold at Dillard's
"Love" ring from Asos, $4

I bought this necklace from Kohl's, I love its edgy feel, it was Simply Vera by Vera Wang, and it was on clearance and with coupon I think it was $3? I'm actually thinking of wearing it as a belt as well =)
After a few months, I went to Kohls again and found the bracelet! It actually fits my wrist perfectly and I love how tiny and cute it looks compared to the necklace =)

Got these from Wal-mart, its Hard Candy's Glamoflauge concealer and Fox in a Box blush and bronzer duo. The concealer actually came with a little pencil concealer, and I use it a lot, I think it works well. I actually bought it after watching Amarixe's (youtube) video on products she regretted buying =P
I feel like the blush and bronzer don't really show up on me. But then again, I don't have much experience with blush or bronzer.

Hope you all have an amazing week!
*Update: I finally started Shakespeare's Twelfth night!