Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Dollar Masquerade Costume

Okay, so because it's the Friday before Halloween, most of the school dressed up =) Anyway, this is just a costume idea, and this is what I wore. This is just a little homemade twist on a plain dress to temporarily make it more colorful =)Basically, my mask was one dollar, well actually 1.25 =) Everything else, I already had at my house, and the mask was actually for my birthday, but I didn't use it then so I decided to pretend I just got it for my costume.
Masquerade costumes are tricky, if you have a crazy mask, you don't want an equally crazy dress, or at least nothing too busy close to the mask. But thats my opinion, and it's your costume so you can do whatever you like =)

This mask fit on my eyes the best which is why I chose it. I wore a plain black and gray dress from Target, my gold belt from eBay, and I decorated with these plastic necklaces, that I always get from baby shower games. I'm sure they are cheap though, and you can probably find them at party stores.

So first I wore the dress and decided to put the matching necklaces to decorate it, in my case, gold, green and purple. I didn't want to wear the necklaces so I thought I could get black duct tape and tape them on the band. Using an elastic belt was easier. If you are just wearing a normal dress, a belt would be better, but if you have those elastic banded dresses, you can use duct tape, that keeps the necklaces from moving around. If your dress might get ruined, you should just stick with the belt =)

(back view, the only picture that turned out good, yes I was spinning =)
Later on, I realized you could sort of loop the necklaces, but because they move on a belt, if you do that, maybe the tape would be better so they stay in place.

I think it looks prettier like this

Sorry that was so long =) I wish Halloween was twice a year because there are so many costumes I want to try out. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Happy halloween everyone! Stay safe, don't do anything dangerous and don't eat too much candy =)
*I thought I posted this, but it didn't post so now its crazy late. Sorry..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Target-Oh How I Love Thee!

Target is like the best store ever.... even if you can't find clothes, they still have everything else!
Here's some of the things I got on my last trip.. and I might go today =)
I got this for my friend, because she loves reading, and loves Twilight and the Vampire Diaries. Isn't it so cute?

I found these stamps at the dollar section, and I used to have stamps but I don't know where they went, I looove stamps so much, and I hope I can get more =)

This is a little plastic drawer organizer, that I got to organize some of my makeup and cremes and stuff. On top, I have shower hooks that I actually use to hang my purses, which I will do a post on someday....

This is my little makeup area in my bookshelf =) (before I put in the 2nd drawer)

Okay, I don't know if its the color, or my rug, but this picture came out weird, so I played with the lighting and shadows on this picture... Its a very pretty orange, it's great for fall, especially October =) I love cardigans so much, even though I only have 2 =P

Thats it! Do you guys like target? Do you find cool things there?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sour Sixteen Birthday!

Hey guys, so I had a birthday party on Sunday, with all my friends, for my sixteenth birthday!
Somehow, four hours went by so quickly that we barely did anything, so next time, I think I'll just invite my friends for the whole day like my mom suggested so we can actually do things =)
Here are some pictures:

We had some masks to play around with and take pictures, except I totally forgot, so I'm gonna do that next time they come over =)

This was a little 16 decoration thing, I love it because its not a candle, so I can keep it forever =)

These were candles that I gave to my friends, like the party favors, for the girls

This was my donut cake =) It was sooo good...
Apparently it's supposed to be the Eiffel tower, according to Dee. =)

Sorry this was a week late, but I haven't been feeling too good this week... I just slept early last night, I guess I was really tired =)
How was your Sweet 16? Or how do you want it to be?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ceramic Pinch Pot and Spiky

Hey guys! So, we got our pinch pots yesterday, so I can finally do this post =)
I have some of the steps.. I took pictures in class, as I worked on it.. Enjoy! =)

We had to carve in something from our culture and Turkey has a lot of intricate flowery designs so thats what I did. Also, my "lip" part of the pot got really big, so its also a hat =D

This is when I was glazing the bottom part

This is the top part, I carved in a flower. 

This is the overglaze, its like a toothpaste color but after it gets fired its clear and shiny.

This is after it was all done, see how its shiny?

This is the inside part, I really like the bright orange, but not the turquoise, it turned into a blue green

This is our big bowl, I'm making it spiky! Can you see the spikes? It reminds me of a dinosaur here.

Here they are more clearly.

I started putting them separately, then decided to make the whole thing spiky!

So you make little balls, then make them little spikes, you can see them lined up on the right. I put the balls in the little foot part... and I have a mini bowl and teacup on the left.

Well, we are working on pumpkins now, so I'll take some pictures of that, and other peoples pumpkins too! They are so cute!
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Deer....

Hows everyone doing? So I realized that while I had uploaded all the photos from my cell to the computer, I hadn't uploaded anything from my camera in months! *blushes* I just kept taking pictures, but for some reason, my camera was hidden somewhere, in my purse, backpack, or under all my schoolwork that it just never got uploaded =P
So here I am with hundreds of pictures trying to sort out the different posts and pictures. =D
We went to a little kids birthday party, and I took some pictures of the scenery and animals and the view, but I think I am so out of it because I seriously take my camera everywhere, take some pictures, put it in my purse, then totally forget to take more pictures (especially ones I can share with you guys)
Well... that was a long intro, sorry, when I actually find time to do a post, everything just comes gushing out =) Here are the pictures

Can you see the deer?

Just the view

Yay!! Haha, they were running around

When we were going home, there was this hee-uge cloud, and it looked so fluffy!

I love the nice blank yellow hills, with the hulk cloud

Sorry it's been a week since I posted, I have the PSATs, then a practice SAT and volunteer hours soon, hence, no posts =P 
I tweet a couple times a day though! Tweet!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heels & a Dress, What More Could a Girl Want?

So, I have been dying over a couple pairs of shoes, and I am determined with a capital D to buy them!!
They are kinda pricey... =/ but I can do this, I think I can... oh and you can tell I am really into shoes right now =) with two posts almost back to back.. I just love shoes and purses because I can keep them forever, even when I get old!
So here they are (btw, sorry if the two Charlotte Russe heels were a little repetitive..)

This dress is soo cute, its very feminine, but I feel like it has a certain edge to it, I don't know... I really wanted this for my birthday, but we'll see, I mean its 20 euros, which is $30 which is a tiny bit more than normal, but I am going to be 16!
You can find it here

These shoes are patent and suede! I love all the straps, and it's platform and it just looks so cute without being like a pump or pointy toe.. I love how girly it looks! I am seriously thinking of buying these.
Its $30 You can find thesehere
Note: Charlotte russe is having a buy one shoe, get one for $15 off..

These are super EDGY! I love it! The heel looks pretty comfortable, like the shoe will hold nicely to your ankle so it feels stable. These have buckles, a few studs/grommets, and they are lace up! All in one!
I don't really like peep toe, but I want to try something new... these also remind me of miley's heels that she's been wearing everywhere. I know I wrote a lot about this one, but it's not my favorite =)
Its $40 and you can find it here

Okay, these are from Urban outfitters, they are lace up, look kind of vintage, I love the wedge, it's so much more stable than other shoes, and it looks so comfortable and easy to walk in, because it goes a little past your ankle.. I think these are so cute, the type that you would see in magazines, I don't know. btw I'm not sure if the picture is bad, but I see like a light brown mark near the top, and where the heel starts.. can you see it?
I'm really saving up my money for these.... they are $78 (I'm hoping to find a coupon)
and you can see them here

I had these in a previous post, I just love the simple design, I like how the heel looks
sooo high, but it actually isn't. I also like the small strap so your foot doesn't come out.
They are $90, I think the brown ones are now $60. You can see themhere
I love the design of these boots! I like the grip on the bottom so you don't fall, and the inside is a sweater like design, and it's lace up again... I just wish the heel was a little thicker, and the foldover part didn't come so low..
It's $42.50 you can see it here

So, it's October! Happy October to everyone! I love October because it's my birthday month! I want to call it sour sixteen. =) Usually September, is hot, and November can be really cold, and I feel like October is the fall month.. I don't know.
I think my ceramics post should be up either Friday or Monday, depending on when we get back our pieces, because right now, I only have the work in progress pictures, nothing final. I can't wait!!
I might have a new post on some colors/patterns? I've been loving, so watch out for that one, its very... bright!
Have a nice week everyone!


Disclaimer: These pictures are all from the websites, none are mine.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Junior Year Schedule

Hey guys, so this is my schedule for this year.
(Note: I didn't post this earlier because I was going to add pictures of my project, but I decided to do a separate post for that. So, sorry about that.)

1) Physiology: I tried to switch to Physics Honors, but they are being really mean about switching classes this year, and they told me every class was full without looking at anything =/
The class is okay, except for the fact that we tend to have a lot more exposed diagrams then we actually need to...

2) Ceramics: I finally took an art class! OMG I looove it! The teacher is really sweet, she reminds me of someone close to me, but I don't know who. We made pinch pots, and we are going to make bowls for our next project! I am not good at drawing, and I really didn't want to take art, but ceramics is pretty good. You don't really have homework because you can't take the clay and tools home so thats nice =)

3) U.S. History: Let me just say, my teacher likes to swear a little, he says its a historical term, and blah blah blah. He's pretty funny, but he can be vulgar which I don't really like. Apparently he takes the APUSH powerpoints and uses them for our class, but we just don't do all the work. There are a lot of notes, but he gives us a break every 20 minutes... lol

4) Contemporary Lit: My teacher is AWESOME! She is soo funny, and like my freshma Lit/Writ teacher, she's like strict, but laid back, and has like 30 tattoos =P We finished Catcher in the Rye, which was kind of depressing, I didn't really like it, but now we are reading Into the Wild. We have these mini presentations, and a project already, and I'm worried about that because I haven't really started... we also have an essay =/ bleeehhhh

5) Spanish 3: OMG my spanish 2 teacher was crazy, funny, hyper, but such a good teacher, I wish I had her, but I got my Spanish 1 teacher. He's okay but he uses Vosotros which confuses me a lot =/ My Spanish 2 teacher didn't use Vosotros because it was confusing, so for a whole year I didn't use it. His class is also a little boring even though we get up and do little activities with others every 20 minutes. I have no idea how the time passed in Spanish last year, but my teacher would ask random questions from a Trivia book in Spanish which was fun...

6) AP Calc BC: My teacher is.... okay I guess. That class takes a looooong time to finish though. Especially yesterday. It was TORTURE. And she just taught us epsilon. Which I have no clue as to why we need it for Limits and all...

7) NONE! yayyy I get out early =) I might do a daily 7th were I TA (teachers assistant) for a teacher to get some credit. But we'll see.

So, if you think this looks familiar, you might have seen anything ima[gina]ble's schedule post. I sort of copied her... *blushes* hope thats okay Gina, if not, sorry I posted this without talking with you, tell me and I'll delete this post or think of a different way to do it =)

Hope you were able to read all that =P