Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Shower!

Just a quick post, I went to a baby shower on Tuesday, and though there weren't any games (its my tradition to win one game) I had fun. These are just some pictures of the decorations, a pot for Easter, a small tree and baby decorations, so creative!

My favorite was the baby bottle, so cute!

The small rattles on the table, I got to keep one as a memory =)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Nails

Though I love nail polish, I don't seem to wear it much, it always peels off, and also I don't like the layer on my nails, besides the fact that I am not patient enough for it to dry. I painted them last week, well only three, (I know I'm super weird) and they were all different. Yup... =D
Silver glitter polish! So shiny, I love it!
Dark purple, with pink glitter on top. Shiny again =)
This was just for Valentines day, on my right thumb, I did a pretty good heart with my left hand, but I realized that white does not look good on my skin tone.. =(


Friday, February 25, 2011

My Winter Coat!

I got this about three weeks ago from Macy's, I love the design, the color is a bit bright, I haven't worn it yet, so I do not know how bright or attention-grabbing it is outside.
With flash, its a bright hot pink.
Without flash.
Up close buttons.
The sleeve.
The brand is Guess, and I got it for $117. It was originally $260, and most were on the 60% off rack, except my size. And the cashier girl, who looked only a little older than us was ringing it, and she said $130 and we (Me and Dee) told her about the sign so she did and extra 10% off, but it was 10% off 130, so we were trying to explain and she just looked at us and was like "you guys are smart" Anyway, Dee was like it has to be $113, the sign is right there, and the girl told us she did not put up the sign and so we had the lady who did come, and she fixed it quickly for us. The end! (No not really) We had to run out of Macy's because we were late, and when I came home I realized the security tag was on it, again.

I'm not sure what is up with Macy's and forgetting to take off the security tags, but its funny to me =) At least the alarm didn't go off like last time, especially because me and Dee were running, so we would definitely look like thief's.

Any interesting shopping stories or good deals on jackets? Please share!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Target Mini Haul

I went to a small mall the other day with my mom, but I only got something from Target. Well I got candy from Party City, but that doesn't count right? =)
I saw this cardigan, its knitted, not cozy and soft, but a different material, and airy. It was $5 something! I really love it, I love stripes too, and it has pockets on the side, pretty big ones. Looove it. I might get the gray one... maybe.
This ring, its so cute! I love that it moves, and I was able to create a GIF image for you guys!!Some pictures are blurry, sorry. =) $8

make avatar

Lastly, I saw this at Ross, it was $10, it looked like great quality, with the glass case and such pretty colors, but my mom reminded me that I do not need it. I don't use lipgloss very often, but its so cute I had to share with you guys.

Also from Ross, I saw this soap, and toothbrush holder, and I was like omgosh! This is so cute, perfect if I had my own room. It reminded me of CityandMakeup's room design, and since she is an interior designer. But I love the simple, shiny shell-like design. I really like sparkly and shiny things, in case you haven't noticed, which is weird because I never cared for it before....

Well, thats all for now =) Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outlet Haul with Friends!

Hey everyone! I know, I sort of disappeared for a while, but last week was soo crazy and I had presentations and tests and so much to do, and this week I sort of have nothing to do. I think I blog best when I procrastinate, and I haven't been procrastinating.. I think. I mean I haven't done much work either but anyways thats another story. Here I have my most recent haul, and hopefully I will go from the most recent to my oldest haul.

I went to the mall with three of my friends, Leslie Burke, Zee(? I don't remember what I call her here) and Awesome (thats her nickname for now).
Here's what I got:
Zee has a gray version of this from Forever 21, I think she influenced me, because I like slouchy shirts now =)  $15

Another slouchy shirt, though it doesn't look like it. F21

I got this nail polish from Forever 21 as well, its a peachy pink with shimmer and I love it!
A top from 5-7-9, I think it would be great for formal occasions.
A super thin cardigan from 5-7-9 great for summer!! And its super soft.
They actually look nice together =)
This was a dress I saw at Charlotte Russe, so cute, but it was $30.
I found it online for 25% off, plus my coupon starts tomorrow, so I think I'll get it online, I also have an extra 10% off =) Btw, its purple, a dark purple, not blue like the picture shows. Its zippered, edgy and has pockets! <3

Awesome and Leslie Burke have a poem they are going to say together and they decided to buy the same outfit from Forever 21, they are so cute...
How was your Wednesday?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

Hey everyone! Happy Love Day!! I don't really celebrate Valentines day, I just like to wear pink or red, so I wore a nice pink scarf over my floral thermal, and a subtle heart necklace.
My teacher in Contemp Lit told us we had to get a valentine for everyone in the class, and she gave us a name list. During class she told everyone to get up and pass their valentines out, it was a mad rush of people asking who sat where and piles of red, hearts and candy! SOOO fun! I told my teacher we should do something like this every month. If I ever become a teacher, I would definitely do that =)
Here are some pictures of the valentines! Enjoy!

Sorry for the bad quality, I took them on my phone.
A cupcake a girl in my class made for us (and my nerdy heart nail polish =P)
A flower with heart petals, and a lollipop!

The candy I got, I wonder why candy is more popular than chocolate for Valentines day, I looove chocolate =) 
The cards I got, (I never have had this many before) sweetest day EVER!
A funny card my teacher gave me =)

How was your Valentines Day?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Because you are
smart and awesome.
And you know it, but you haven't accepted it yet. 

I'm a little busy, but know that I still think about all of you,
sending much love your way!


Friday, February 4, 2011

(Not so) Freaky Friday and Marie's Giveaway!

Helloooo everyone!
So this week went by pretty fast...
-Our Spanish teacher talked to us about how we do not need a college degree to be successful in life, and good grades aren't everything. A girl in my class told us that she was driving around with her friend and the car broke down and the tow truck guy was like "its hot, you want to come over to the pool?" and they went. (cue in us laughing for 5 minutes) and she told us the guy had a hummer, corvettes and a porsche, a huge house and a beautiful pool and his wife was not working and the tow truck work was his only job.
-In Lit, we are talking about where the world came from, was everything always here? or did everything come from nothing? Who are we? What is God? That type of stuff. We were talking about ourselves and our name and this guy goes "Im glad I don't have a really long Indian name (he was Indian) but I wish I had a powerful name-Like STALIN!" xD Yeah we were laughing fir the rest of class...
-I may have a new ceramics project by next week! I'm so excited to show you guys =)
-Math.. oh math, the higher level you get, the funner/funnier classes get. The four guys in our class who don't stop singing. HILARIOUS. One of them says something, then they all join in. Then they started saying random inappropriate words like LOUD while our teacher was teaching, and even though I don't approve of bad words, me and this girl next to me were (quietly) laughing so hard that I couldn't write down the notes! And of course the ARRGHH's when we talk about r=theta and POLAR BEARS! when we talk about polar equations.... yeah math is awesome. I have the smartest guy (I think) at my table, who is soo funny, he'll have staring contests, or just flap his arms, and the girl next to me takes out cheerios and eats them and he goes "you look like a squirrel" so she starts eating like a squirrel.
-OH!!! So this guy, hes' russian, lets just call him Bob. So, when no one knows how to do something everyone goes "BOB!" and when we were answering questions, our teacher goes "are you saying that answer because Bob is saying it? Or because Bob is right?" and this guy goes "BOB is BOB, therefore BOB is right!" and whenever he has an answer, everyones like "I go with Bob, I trust him" its pretty funny.
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Math class can get boring, so its good to have funny people in your class. Anyway, here's a new giveaway I thought you would enjoy!
You can click here to enter!

How was your week?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Obsession: Lauren Conrad

Okay, I admit I'm WAYY late, but I love Lauren!! =) I always kinda knew who she was, like I know her clothing line at Kohl's I know she's on a show called The Hills, and I've read about her in magazines. I recently bought her Style book, and I'm obsessed! I hope she comes up with more books like that, I looove style books, and small tips and tricks are great, especially personal tricks that celebs use...

Well now I am determined to read all of her books, even thought they are fiction right? Well, the reason I'm writing this post is I came across this little video here:

And I seriously fell in love, especially that cute heart with her giggling at the end, she sounds like such a sweet person! This was the first time I ever heard her voice.. which is really weird I know.. =P I love it so much! Its so unique, like when she was talking, the first thing that came to my mind was laid back LA beach girl, but she has a kind of raspy voice, I forgot the word, but there's a word for it. Anyway, I'm jealous =) Oh, and she reminds me a little of Blake Lively...
Then I saw this video:

Besides the fact that her hair looks adorable, with a side pony and soft curls, but the color is amazing!!! I really want blondish hair with brown underneath, it gives it a little volume and just super awesomeness, and Lauren's is really nice too, it gets lighter and lighter. My hair used to be dark brown, with blonde tips in the summer when I was younger =( Not anymore though.. I wish I had a picture of the comparison, it was like literally blonde!

How long have you guys known Lauren? What do you think about her?