Monday, August 30, 2010

Loehmanns + eBay

I just got a shirt from Loehmanns and some nail polishes from eBay...
Heres the package, one box is from Kmart, but that will be a later post

Heres the shirt:
I love it! I have a black and gold butterfly belt that I might wear with it, I just love the white and gold butterflies. I have been into black, and more edgier clothes recently,  I want to wear more sophisticated, edgy, cool pieces with belts, and scarves and cute accessories....
These nail polishes came on Thursday I think, it was pretty fast shipping, but the cool thing is when they dry, the red one smells like Rose, the purple one like Lilac, ad the pink one like pink carnation.
I thought it was pretty cool.. they have clear topcoats too, that smell like gap-dream (is that a gap perfume?) sunflowers, and one more..
note: they are really tiny, I thought they would be bigger, but they are about only 2" high! (and half is the cap)

What do you guys think about scented nail polish? I really want to get a glow in the dark one!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traveling in Turkey

Sorry this is late, but I slept at 6 am yesterday, and woke up at 3 today, so I just got up and did some homework...
These are the pictures from our trip back to America, its been 3 weeks, lol sooo sorry
How cool is that? It was in the Istanbul Airport
My baby brother sleeping on the airplane
Omg there were soooo many suitcases! You know how you drop one and then they go around? Yeah instead of one there was THREE! It was sooo crazy!

I don't know what happened to the other pictures.... this was kind of pathetic, lol it took me this long to put three pictures. But I am soo sure there were more!
Oh well... hope you liked it

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rubber Band Jewelry? + Fireworks & Treats!

Well, I went back to school and I noticed a lot of girls wearing the shaped rubber bands as bracelets, and I had seen them at Toysrus a while back.. I thought they were cool but never thought of them as jewelry! I mean you can't tell the shape (like if its a cat) when its on your arm, only when you take them off, but its still cool.
I was interested when I saw those rubber bands because its so weird how they can make them a shape...
anyway, I was at Walgreens yesterday, and I saw that they had the mini version, except they said they were rings! So they were selling them as jewelry...
Here's a picture

So now I'm wondering if someone started it or the stores or the company itself did..
Anyway, I saw some fireworks last weekend, and took some pictures, here are the ones that turned out kinda good. (sorry about the quality) This was my cell phone camera, but I think it took it better than my normal camera would...

And of course, some treats!
I saw these at Walgreens but I wasn't too sure how good they would be, I do love cookie dough (the nestle break 'n bake are SO good!) but they weren't refrigerated so I was kind of worried. Has anyone eaten these before? Are they good?

We kinda went there because I wanted some Fig Newtons...don't ask =P but we couldn't find any so I got some from Safeway, along with some oreo stix and cakesters, I never tried the stix one before.
I love that oreo has so many different things! I love the cakesters, and the chocolate covered one and the 100 calorie cakester and 100 calorie original. And of course the original oreo! I could live on oreos, they are the best thing in the world (when they aren't soft or soggy) It deserves being Americas favorite cookie! =)
sorry if the picture looks kinda bright

And these were from Walgreens, I wanted to try them out, I don't really like the sour dots... the sour powder is all clumpy and weird..

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, my airport post will be up tomorrow, I just go crazy and really want to blog about random stuff like this so I didn't get to it... 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burning Up in Cali

OMG it is SO HOT........
sorry, but it really is! Its 103 degrees, which is CRAZY! I came home from my crazy hot school and I was greeted with stuffiness and guess what? HEAT.........
I told my baby brother we should get the mini pool so we inflated it and then spent an hour filling it HALFway up with water (we dont have a hose)
And that was bearable, but guess what? My brother would bring the water and it would be freezing and when he poured it in, it would warm up from the ground. We were in the SHADE!
Sorry for using so many capitals but today is so crazy and hot and dry and omg I got out of the pool 5 minutes ago and I am already hot =/
I wanted to take some pictures but I didn't want to risk it, but you can see the pool here:
I went outside with my laptop to take a picture because I was too lazy to take my camera then upload it, go figure =)

Hahah I know, pathetic, more pathetic that I am a junior in the kiddie pool =P
Omg! Even though this summer we didn't go swimming like, at all, I've always wanted and underwater camera or case for mine. Especially when the Shaytards took all those videos in the water...
Well... I think I might faint or just lie down here as far away from my computer as possible.
My brother has hogged the fan... and we don't have an AC... lol
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little heated (get it? lol) rant...

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

Yes, sadly today was my first day of school. And I thought I should have worn a jacket, what I didn't know was that it was going to be 96 degrees! IT was soo HOT!
I should have taken some pictures I guess, but oh well....
How was your day? Did your school start yet? I want to change my spanish teacher, but besides that I just want to switch up some periods, but I hope it doesn't mess with the rest of my schedule.
I have Physiology, but I think I should take Physics H and then Physio next year....
I'm so worried because I have an AP class! I'm taking AP Calc BC, has anyone taken that? Are AP tests hard? =P

Well... Sorry there are no pictures, but I am organizing my Turkey haul, and the airport post. All I need now is the organizing tips.. I would do a back to school haul but I didn't really get anything this year.

Bye everyone, hopefully school isn't too bad this year =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Ankara Pt.2

I'm Back! Here is the rest of the pictures from our stay in Ankara...
I do want to mention that I don't have a lot of picture of historical or touristic places because we already went to those places one of the 15 times that I've been in Turkey, but if you would like those type of pictures, I'll try to look at our old pics and find them.

Theres a store in Turkey called LC Waikiki and shortened to LCW and their store always made me think it was GAP, and they are kind of like GAP, they are pretty famous in Turkey and EVERYONE goes there
It looks kind of like this but it looks more like GAP

So this was a shirt there, from the pregnant section. It says "AAAAAAAAAANNE!" which means "MOOOOOOOM!!"

This one is so cute, the baby's hat is so cute, it says  "Baby on Board"

And this one says "9 Months of Adventure" how cool? Since Turkish people love America they like write everything on shirts in English even if it doesn't make sense.

My brother made my grandma get a double chocolate chip frap from there, except here its decaf but there its soo good because theres coffee in it and the flavor is amazing!

These were some eyeshadows. Look at how pigmented it is! I love all those colors and how bright they are!

The bags from shopping! I went to MANGO!!! =) I also hear they were going to sell some stuff at JCPenny soon...

It says Cheetos Sweetos! Its so cool, they are these little triangle chocolate flavored pieces with chocolate inside. It said to try it with milk, like cereal but I didn't do that yet.

This was the huuuuuge mall we went to, and its AWESOME! They have a mini amusement park in front, and its 5 floors and its just enormous. It's called Ankamall-get it? 

Here was the front.... like I said it was huge and so amazing.. gosh I love that place =)

This is a sweet they have their, its like gooey and like a lollipop but melted I guess? The lady just swirls it around a stick, she put all the flavors which I didn't really like, I wish you could choose the flavors but she said it was best to have them all.

These are the flavors, they are like super gooey and sticky...

There was a little kid arcade like every 10 steps at the mall!!!! My grandmother just kept giving money to my baby brother, and he just kept playing. This was a little pool where kids rode on little ducks and stuff, I think it was so cool, but baby bro didn't like it. 

Also, they have these amazing pieces of corn in a cup in Turkey at the malls and I love to put lemon juice and salt, so its a little sour. But I only had it like twice this year =/ and I forgot to take a picture.... sorry... I know they had it at the Anatolian Festival so when I go there again, hopefully next year, I'll take a picture and a video of the famous Maras ice cream! It's a very sticky and hard ice cream, and the people that give it to you usually make it hard for you to get.. I might even have a video somewhere...

Well that was long...
One more post of our trip!
Bye darlings!

Amazing Ankara Pt. 1

Even though Ankara is the capital, Istanbul (the city between two continents) gets all of the credit and fame. Not that I mind =)
Do you like blurry pictures? =P This was the bus we went on. From Konya to Nevsehir we were in the first seats, and from Nevsehir to Ankara, we were in the back. Like allll the way =)

Can you see? That was the clock on the bus. IT was 00:00 which is midnight. I really like how it was shaking so much and the lights make a pattern

Random wall.. but it was so pretty! It was so shiny and gold!

I think its called the Bazaar in English.. where people sell fruits and sometimes clothes and stuff.. yeah these were some grapes

Some watermelon, I just noticed that they are all oval-ish. 

How cool is this pyramid of peaches? =D

The view outside our friends house, they have a lot of apartments in Turkey

Zoomed in there was a Turkish flag and the wind made it perfect to take a picture.

This was the clock in their house.. it was soo cool

This was their light, it kind of matched their clock. 
Lol. I just take pictures of stuff in peoples houses.. am I really destined to be an interior designer? =P

This was one of the malls we went to, it was actually the smallest and I don't really like it that much.
It says Optimum Outlet, but I couldn't fit all of it in the picture.

See that gold ball necklace? Its so dramatic, it must be like several thousand dollars =)
My grandmother was like "don't take pictures! They might think you're gonna come later and rob the store!" =P
I was like I don't care Im from America, and I'll take pictures of a necklace if I want to... a lot of Turkish people really adore America, and when you come from their they get amazed and ask a bunch of questions..

Well I have part two, and some airport pictures, I really want to do a DIY but I am still working on my project so I can't do that yet, but I would love to do a back to school post. Any ideas?

Enjoy your last days of summer!
Here are some pictures from when we stayed their..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kittens in Konya

When we visited Konya, we would go out for a whole day, then stay in the next, as a rest day... it just turned out that way =)
I already posted some pictures from Konya, so here are the rest
My cousin went to this cosmetics store to get some nail polish, and I was looking at some lipstick and this was by chanel, but I loove it, you can see all the little glittery pieces. It's a really pretty color

We were walking to the minibus and this cat walked with us like halfway there... it was so cute.
Thats my baby brother and you can see my brother in the back
At this store they had these cute purses and I was looking at it and it has a little section on it that you can remove and take as a mini purse! So cool!

Hahahah I know, I'm weird, but I blurred out the toilet even though there was nothing in there..
Isn't the lid thing soo cool?
There's seashells and starfish!
They have these everywhere in Turkey, they give you this ice cream cone with fruit in it and they put chocolate in looked sooo good.
We went to a restaurant there, this is the table and the view. It was kind of fancy, so they would fill up your water if it was halfway done, and my friends little brother was sitting next to me and the guy came to fill his cup and he looked at him and he was like "why are you putting more water in it?" It was soo funny
This was in my cousins car, its like a little voodoo doll! So cute!
We went to their other house and I saw this lighter and I was just playing with it, but the gas level thing was on high so it was a huuuge flame, so I took a picture of it =)
These are the little keychain versions of the doll my cousin had..
Isn't this guitar dude so cute? I love his hat and glasses.
I have another one of these guys, he's a little bigger, I'll put a picture of him when I find it...