Monday, September 27, 2010

Cute Shoes + Got Milk?

Hey guys, I found some really cute shoes on Charlotte Russe!! I decided to share them with you..

I love the girly look of this

Soo sparkly!! I really want to try a peep toe shoe 
This one is a little too masculine for me, but I think it could look cute with tights, but I wouldn't be able to wear it

These, I LOVE, they have straps and they aren't peep toe, and I think they are soo cute and I really need black heels, so I really want to buy this..

These remind me of mileys shoes and Louboutin's I love the edge, and the peep toe and heel, so cute!!

This is actually from Piperlime, I love that its so shiny and has a really cute fit!

This is Victoria Justice in a new got milk ad, I looove her dress! Her shoes are cute too! 
Btw, the mirror image looks real except for the one on the left.. it looks kinda weird, like it's not exactly the mirror image. But anyway, does anyone know where her dress is from? I love it! I love long sleeve dresses that are short.. I think they are soo cute.

Has anyone seen Selena on the Ellen show? I think she was wearing this sparkly black jumpsuit thing and it was soo cute, if anyone knows where its from, I would love to know =)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Swirl by Daily Candy

Hey guys! I found I new website thats similar to Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, and RueLaLa
Its Swirl! you can check out the website here
and if you would like my referral link, which would help me if you purchased anything you can press here
The link is also here:

If you guys are interested in any of the other websites you can check out
Gilt Groupe  here
My referral link: here

Hautelook: here
My referral link: here

RueLaLa: here
My referral link: here

Right now I'm trying to read blogs or close some of my many tabs that are open while I do history homework, I just found this site from The Redhead Fashionista and thought I would share with you guys. You can get some great deals, and if you get a friend to sign up and they purchase something you can get $10 on some of the websites (Swirl gives you $25!!)

I hope I can finish my homework soon... How's your Sunday going?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New giveways! + Update

Hey guys, we have a problem... Im running out of storage space so I need to delete some things before I get pictures. Sorry about that. I really need more room... it's frustrating
On the bright side, I found two new giveaways!
Heres one:

You can enter here

And heres another one:

You can enter this one here

The last one:

Go here to enter

Well, I went to a mini festival today and I volunteered and it was soooooo hot. I'm sooo tired I just want to lay down and watch a movie or something =)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini update + EWWITSNIKKI giveaway +FOOD!

Hey guys!
So, three tests done, woohoo! and my teacher just keeps pushing back my presentation, along with the rest of the class. I have my schedule post saved, but I need to add pictures which are on my phone, so that takes a while, but I'll try to do it tomorrow.
Theres a new sunglasses giveaway, you can check it out here

Also, here are just some random pictures of fooood!! =)

This is meat with sauce, my mom got it from a Korean friend, and OMG I love it!! The meat is soo good
and the sauce makes it taste great! (btw this was when it was cooking, so thats why it looks pink)

This is some potato salad that my mom put in a bowl then flipped upside down, so it looks like a cake, she decorated it with some peas, carrots and pickles.

How is your school going? Is it getting hard? Mine just started to get really buse =/

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny Days and Starry Nights Giveaway!

Hey guys,
I have several tests this week, along with a presentation, so I think my posts are going to be pushed back even more.. sorry
Heres a new giveaway- hope that makes you happy! =)
+ I have a new follower, hi!!!
Thats all the stuff you can win,
you can enter here

Bye guys!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance. -Wynton Marsal

Hey guys, well, sorry I haven't blogged in a looong time. School is taking up a lot of time..
I got another award! From anything ima[gina]ble again! Shes so awesome... you should
definitely check out her blog!
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
You are the sweetest, thank so much!

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words
Fashion,design, fun, and taking chances!

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.

Please check out these girls!

Thanks again to everyone!!
*Update: omgosh, I posted this like 20 times, for some reason the links wont come up. So, sorry if you couldn't see them*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Contest!

Hey everyone, school has been pretty crazy, my lit teacher has decided to make us read two books in 3 weeks, and give us a project so Im really busy. I will try to do a schedule post, like the one gina did...
But heres a new contest you guys might be interested in. I know I hate ugg boots, but I would love to wear it at home to be comfy warm and snuggle-y in the winter =)

You can enter here

oh! I won an award! I'll do a post on that too!
Miss you guys...
*OMG! I just noticed my beautiful background and everything else has been deleted and gone =/ *

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rite Aid, Office Depot, and Sparkles!

I went to Rite Aid and Office Depot a while ago, and took some pictures, just some random stuff...
oh and does anyone take pictures of cute things they find in stores? I do that all the time, I like to think of it as like inspiration and a little because I want to be a designer... but anyway, sometimes people see me with my camera or my phone and they are just like what??? why is she taking a picture? Do you think its like not allowed? Which doesn't make any sense but whatever
Here are the pictures:
Kleenex! How cool? I think it was so cute, but obviously more expensive. I love the watermelon one, and the lime ones green color is awesome!

These were some binders there, it was buy one get one free I think and I was so excited because the colors were soo cute, but we couldn't buy it because to get the sale price we needed a card (which we had, but it disappeared) and we had to pick up my brother from school....
I noticed the blue square in the middle from the ground, so I decided to put the binders around it.... ahhh the colors are just gorgeous...
This was at office depot, its this super cool desk, with different colors! It has like colored paper so you can change it, and I just thought it was pretty cool, because no one likes being stuck with one thing for long right?
This was also at office depot, its like the makeup thing that most people have, I was thinking of organizing papers in it, but I would like a closed one for makeup, and skincare and stuff...
This is the sparkly ball!! Its soo cool, its so glittery, but they are so expensive! This is Dee's she got like three for free from Borders or something...
Look at all that glitter! Its like (a pink) christmas in a ball =P

What are your favorite stores? Do you like to go back to school shopping?

Styleboard on Kaboodle

Hey guys! So, Kaboodle was having a contest, and the color of the week was chocolate brown, and I entered and thought you guys might be interested or would like to check it out.
You can visit my styleboard (its like Polyvore) here

You can see the outfit here:

Sweet Chocolate...
Sweet Chocolate... by bellesme

I hope you guys like it! If you do, feel free to press the Heart it! Button =)
Tell me if you make an entry! Leave a comment below...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is Everything Really Going to Be Alright?

How was everyones weekend? Mine was okay I guess, not that I would remember because the last day ruined it..  I was going to do a haul post but now I can't =(
*warning* long rant ahead
I was just having an off day, I wanted to go to a store, and for some reason my mom didn't take me. She didn't give an explanation either, anyway I just did some math homework and around 3 or 4 she got ready to go somewhere and left. We went to a friends house today and I was tired and not happy and after we left she got mad that I was being mean to people who cared about me. I mean don't get me wrong, besides having a crazy family, being the only girl and being a junior with the stress of college and SATs and stuff, Im perfectly fine and happy with my life. It's just when shes mad, its okay and she doesn't have to explain herself, but its like I can't be mad....
I just wish I could drive and go and get some ice cream with a friend and just chill then come home you know? I mean I'm working on my permit, but even then I have to drive with someone....
I don't know, I'm just confused I guess... and super tired =/
I think I'll just watch some Shaytards videos, I wish I had a family like that, they are so happy and funny and crazy and I just love them!(lol, watch in like 3 days I'm gonna be the happiest girl on earth and love my family, but right now, blehhh, you know how it is right?)
Well if you read all that, congrats, sorry if I brought you down but it feels so good to let it all out even if I don't have many readers or comments....
Heres a nice saying, I got it from another blogger, Buky from district of fashion.

and a random one that I love, I think it was from Viva la fashion but I don't know..

Oh and we didn't go ice skating, because the "snow" was a small pile in the middle of the no pictures-sorry.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pre Ice Skating

Quick! Guys, Im gonna go ice skating/ a snow party
what should I wear? I'm super sensitive to the cold so I'm thinking like a long shirt and a fuzzy jacket, and some comfortable pants..
I have only one fuzzy jacket, and I think only jeans look well with it, but Im not sure if any of my jeans are really that comfortable, we'll see...
We might walk around the mall so I don't want to be hot so I need something removable... lol...
sorry that this is crazy, but I want to look nice for pictures and still skate comfortably and not freeze to death.. lol
well, pictures will be up tomorrow hopefully....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tanti Baci Award!

Hey everyone!
I have been a little busy with school this week and of course, being invited to a bajillion places...
So I'm sorry I haven't been able to blog or even read blogs =(
I'm going to try to catch up today but I have some homework so we'll see..
Anyway, I got an award! I think it means Many kisses in Italian?
I'm not sure, anyway I got it from anything ima[gina]ble and she is such an awesome person, go check her out. Like we have so much in common except for the fact that I don't like to run and I'm horrible at poetry =P
Anyway heres the award:

It was made by Rachel

I would like to pass it on to: 
(Check out these awesome girls by clicking on their name!)

Congrats, and I hope the rest of you have an awesome week! I will try to put up another post, but we'll see...