Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Street Style ft. Selena Gomez

Hey everyone! Hope everyone's doing okay. I got a lot of positive feedback on my red carpet style post, and I had so much fun doing it, so thank you! It means a lot. Here I have a street style one, again featuring Selena =)
Selena out in London, its a glittery sparkling jacket! LOVE! I think she has a scarf hiding underneath =) 
 This is actually from her show Wizards of Waverly Place, I've always loved her outfits there too, but this season is definitely the best! The silky top, the belt and asymmetrical necklace, SO cute!
These are from her concerts. Casual, stripes and a cute scarf bundled up! I LOVE stripes and nautical colors are the best! This one is more flowy like a dress.
 Stripes again! Cute gray jeans, and she's wearing brown Uggs I think. The top has a shoulder design, which I LOVE but haven't been able to find any that fit me. Long sleeves are better than short for the shoulder detail.
L- Out to dinner with her mom, how cute are her glasses? Floral shirt, amazing black blazer (it looks great on her), jeans and some shiny black pumps, that go well with everything! R-I think shes in London, this time opting for a short and sweet coat, love the pleats on it! Jeans (same as the left), and brown boots, great to stay warm, and comfy! 
Out in London again. Floral top with some skinny jeans and a tweed navy coat. 
Same heels, another coat/cape (do you see her arms sticking out under the "sleeves"?) a dress with tights.
L-Promoting her Walmart line, jeans, heels, brown leather jacket, and for accessories a bright purple scarf, and hoop earrings! R-Again in London, wearing her black, purple and pink heels, (she wore those a lot!) and AMAZING red coat, gray mini skirt with a huge bow belt, and a simple cream turtle neck. The red coat is amazing, perfect for the holidays! I would love to have one.
She has a lot of simple accessories like scarves, heels, and belts. She also wears a lot of floral. I think she has a comfy laid back but stylish and put together style. These weren't just random paparazzi pictures, so she was a little more dressed up.
I think I'll do Miley, or Kim K next. Who would you like to see? Have a great week!


  1. You should do Emma Watson. I don't really like Miley's fashion sense.

  2. Loved your blog!!!!! come to mine ! and follow me ! :D

  3. she wears simple, but fashionable outfits ;)


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