Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Time: Tangled!

Did you guys watch Tangled? I did last month and I loved it! If you saw my tweets, I said I wanted magical blonde hair... *sigh* I wish. =) I actually watched it twice, because we watched it in math class too.. I actually did a project with Tangled for math but I forgot to take a picture of it! =( Random, but I feel like her name isn't Rapunzel just cause that name doesn't suit her.. I like Blondie better =) Anyways, here are some cute pictures I found of the movie. I have to say I love Pascal, he's so cute =)

This is actually my computer background...

I have the urge to put this on my door =)

I love the lanterns! They look amazing.

Any cute movies you have seen recently?

Monday, June 20, 2011

EOS Lip Balm-Summer Fruit!

Hope you guys are having a nice week!
I got an EOS lip balm about two months ago because my lips were dry and nothing worked as good as my old Softlips Mint Delight, it's soooo good I can't explain. Well, it finished! Actually, half of it fell of, and then it finished. :'(
I "bedazzled" it =)
I liked the round shape of the EOS lip balm and heard great reviews about it so I decided to try it out. I decided to get the pink one, summer fruit because it has peach and passionfruit, and I love those fruits. I can say that the taste and smell of the lip balm is great! I really like it, it can feel a little waxy though, at least to me. As for moisturizing, I think it does a good job, but I heard that if you get addicted you can actually dry out your lips, and I was addicted for a few days, putting it on every ten minutes or so because I loved the taste.
What the lip balm looks like..
Overall, I think for the price and how it works, I would say it's worth the $3, I think its better than my other lip balms, even though I'm afraid to try new ones...  I would love recommendations though! What's your favorite lip balm?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 with Friends!

Hey everyone!
So ages ago I went to the mall with Zoe, Dee and Awesome. We had fun just looking around, going crazy at Sephore while Zoe tried to find eyeliner, trying on clothes at Forever 21 and spending an hour to find some rings at Charlotte Russe because they were 3 for $10... So here are some pictures....
Our Sephora adventure...
Apparently I am Social, Flirtatious, Charming and Romantic... that's pretty accurate ;)
The ring that Awesome was about to buy.. she bought a different owl one though..
I thought this ring was sooo cute! But they didn't have any in my size =( They had a ring very similar to Kate Middleton's!
The ring I bought..
My first romper!!! I love it! I think rompers can be so shapeless and I really don't like them, when I was a kid my grandmother made me one that had sleeves and capri pants and I loved it! It was soo comfy! This one is super thin and comfy too, I really want to pair it with bright accessories, but we'll see..

I couldn't take good pictures because it's black, sorry. Its from Forever 21 and it was $15!! 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Casual Outfit for a Picnic/BBQ

Hey everyone!
We had a small picnic/barbeque on Sunday along with Dee and Leslie Burke as a good-bye for Dee because she went to Turkey for the summer... We had so much fun, we watched some videos me and Leslie took like two years ago with me pretending to be Hannah Montana. 12 minutes of pure improv and craziness that had us in stitches. Priceless. Anyways, I wanted to do those quick outfit posts where you lay out your outfit, etc. Enjoy!!
It was actually cold, I had to add a jacket on top while we ate outside.. No shoes, because I was at home..
I have to say I love navy and coral! It's not as overwhelming as a red and blue patriotic outfit, and not as harsh as black and coral, but they still contrast nicely!

I'm wearing
Star Coral cardigan-Gap $15
T-shirt (I cut it)- Disneyland(Can't believe its been four years!)
Jeans-Kohls $9

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reach for the Sky!

Last Friday we went to Kohls, and then to a friends birthday party at the park. Oh how I have missed swinging! I was on the swings for so long, and then after eating I went back with my ipod, and let me tell you, there is nothing better than swinging so high and listening to you favorite upbeat songs while you let the sun shine on you-oh! and wearing some cute skinny jeans, a light summery tank and cute flats also helps! That, my friends, is summer. Anyways, I wanted to share some pictures of things from Kohl's and me trying to take pictures with my feet in the sky =P.
Some watches we saw..
Isn't this turtle necklace so cute?
Heart Sunglasses by Vera Wang! I'm thinking of getting these...
A lady bug landed on my knee while I was swinging =)
I like how this picture came out, with my feet in focus and the ground blurry.
Sun shining, blue skies.. <3
"Turkish Sushi"-SO good! It think it's just cucumber, bell pepper, cheese, lettuce, and cream cheese wrapped, but it's good!
I got this bracelet, I love how its edgy, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, and it was on sale for $6. It actually fits my tiny wrist!
It matches my necklace (really badly pictured, sorry) which I got a while ago, I think it was $7...
It's hard to take a good picture of the necklace, only the close up looks decent.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Free Starbucks Drink

Hey everyone! Remember my free Starbucks drink here? Well, I finally got the chance to go and tell them what happened!  I asked to speak to their manager but they said she wasn't there. So I told the guy that I had a Caramel Macchiato but I wasn't charged for it, I said it was almost two weeks ago (it was right?) and he was still looking at me so I was like "Is that okay? I just wanted you guys to know" and he said it was fine because it was two weeks ago.

So I go "okay, thanks!" and leave. =) Overall: No free drink for being honest ;) , but at least they didn't make me pay for the other one!

Anything interesting happen to you lately? I would love to know!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey everyone!
I wanted to share something with you about addictions, but mostly good addictions, the ones that are usually not fatal. One of my mother's friends said that once she notices she's "addicted" to something, she makes sure that she removes it from her life and finds a way to not be addicted. This doesn't mean she never uses or eats it again, but she makes sure she doesn't depend on it. Addictions like coffee, chocolate, the internet, facebook, anything at all.
In this day and age, we are addicted to so many things, whether its twitter, or TV shows or just random things. It's really important to realize that these things are not what define us and we can live without them no matter what we think.
So I just wanted to let you guys know, try not to check facebook every five minutes, skip your morning coffee once a week, you might actually feel better!

Have an awesome week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stop Motion: I (heart) U =)

Hey everyone, I made this stop motion video for you guys to show you how much y'all are awesome and that I appreciate each and every one of you. I just wanted to say, I am really, really, thankful, I don't know if I say it enough, but you are all amazing and super sweet and your comments make my day, you don't know how excited I get when I get a little email that says someone commented =) Enjoy!

Thank you for reading, commenting, etc. I hope you enjoy my blog and stay along for the ride <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inception=Mind Blown.

I watched this movie two weeks ago, and it was amazing.
I didn't understand everything, so I plan on watching it again, but the small romantic part, and Cobb's... problems broke my heart. It is funny in some parts, and I found slow in others, but overall such a great movie! It really makes you think about life and dreaming and what is real or not. All I could think was "WHAT?? Did the writers understand it? Wait is he in limbo? Is he alive?" and then after the movie I was thinking, what's the point of living such a boring life, is this life even real? Who cares about high school, work, etc. =)  I can say that I thought about this movie a lot after it was over, trying to make sense, and reading the beginning of the script to understand...

It was the best movie and the worst (kind of) at the same time... it made me think so much about reality and whether there was a point in living, (that part could be bad I guess...) I heard some people commit suicide because they think this life isn't real. They could be right (to them), but what if they're wrong? You just wasted your life!

Did you guys watch Inception? Did you like it?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ceramic Tiki Mugs, Teacups, Hearts and Pacman!

A lot of different projects! I am actually getting some more soon, as soon as the year is over =)

Mini teacups, like 0.5" tall =)
Tiki mug! It's about 5"
with flash, it looks weird...
The back, I blurred out my name
My mini tiki mug 3"
Name blurred out, it's supposed to be lava coming out of a volcano...

My mini tile, 3"x3"
It's 3D!
Inside of teacup, it's really dark..

I have a lot more to show you! =) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Hey everyone!
Here's another book review =) Since its the end of the year, I have less homework, so I actually found time to read!
Don't mind the cover, it's not all about love...

This book starts out a little slow, I didn't really like it because it seemed like a teenage girl book where the girls weren't popular, and other girls were pretty and they had all the cute guys, etc, etc. I felt as if it was a little more appropriate for younger girls, until finally she kissed the guy and died. (Don't worry, it says that on the back of the book). I think though it was an easy read, it was interesting and I really enjoyed it.

So this was another mystery + romance book for me. After the death, things got a little interesting, and even though the book wasn't that good, (the ending was HORRIBLE) I knew there had to be a sequel or I would die. Thankfully, there was, and I read the first three books almost back to back so I have a little fuzziness in memory for separating which books were which. I recently got the fourth book from the library and can't wait to read it!

l should have the second and third book review up soon. Let me know if you read it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collective Charlotte Russe Haul

Hey everyone!
So I ordered things online from Charlotte Russe a few months ago, but kept forgetting to make a post, and since I got a few more things, I decided I would do a collective haul.  Keep in mind that this is over a few months, not all in one shopping trip, so I don't remember the exact prices either, sorry. You can tell its been a while because the image numbers go from 2000 to 6000... woops! Anyways, enjoy! =)
I think this was $12
Same as above, I got it for more formal outfits
I love drapey shirts! I think again $12 but I'm not sure.
Around $3.
$2, it pops out like three cake layers. =)
$5 It actually fits my wrist and its so girly, I love it!
On sale for $14 plus 10% off, its a nice coral color, but my camera didn't pick it up
Remember the dress? I think I paid about $15, with the sale and coupons, so half price!
This is more recent, I think it was about $5 at a sale
$5 again, at the sale, my mom has this shirt too, we're twinsies =) I really like it, I think it has the potential of being a really pretty shirt, but its slightly big on me, so it doesn't look great (on me)
Sorry for the lack of posts, I had two finals recently, and I have one more and a project on Tuesday, then I will be done! YAY! Good luck on your finals!