Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm in Turkey!

Well, we're here... sorry I didn't put a post up earlier... and it might be a few days till the next post because my sleeping schedule is weird still and we will be busy and stuff...
We came on Tuesday morning, I slept from 3am-3pm! Tuesday
Then on Wednesday, I slept from like 3:30am-4:30 am
Wednesday 3pm to Thursday 4 am or something.. I stayed in bed till 6 am but I couldn't sleep...
Btw, its Thursday morning here and Wednesday night there because Turkey is 10 hours ahead....
Well. I have pictures of the trip I will post some pictures on the next post, this was just a little update.
Have an awesome summer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Necklace Collection Part 3

Welcome to the last and final part of my necklace collection! YAY! Let's get started...
I got this one from Macy's about one year ago. I think it was $6... I really like the pop of color!
My mom got this recently from F21, I don't really wear these types because they are way to big and.. yeah. But it is really pretty, I just have to find something good to wear it with.
I got this from Turkey last year, it has stones and little crystals, I saw a similar one but it was "expensive" like $5 or something.. so we got this one which was $3 I think..
This is another necklace from Dee's aunt... its very well made and the detailing is nice! (if any of you are interested I can link her blog and you can see all of the stuff she makes)
This necklace, my moms friend gave like 3 years ago, maybe 2. I'm not sure. But it has the beading style that I like.
My cousins actually made this for me 2 years ago, we went and bought a bunch of beads, and they made it and it was sooo pretty!! But, a few of the beads fell off so I had to change it a little bit
I think this was also one of the ones my moms friend gave, all from Turkey. I wear this with one shirt that matches perfectly and I love the shape and style of this necklace, it looks great on! I also looooove the beading as usual, this was my first necklace with this type of beading and this is the one that made me fall in love with this style.
Close-up doesn't it looks soo.... whats the word? Like there are so many beads but it doesn't look too crazy... just well put together.
I got this from Turkey, it's a very summery necklace and I fold it over and wear it because it's really long. Just a lot of wooden buttons that make up different colored flowers.
Another necklace from the surprise bags! Me and my friend wore this on twin day at school, we had gotten surprise bags and we had EVERYTHING the same, down to our earrings, lipgloss, and sunglasses... how cool is that?

I just recently got this from The Limited, after seeing a similar one on a Macy's catalog. That one was $48, this one was 20 something, but it was on sale for $11!!! Or maybe $16? I keep forgetting prices and mixing up 11 and 16 a lot... Anyway, it's kind of heavy but I love it! The little "disco" balls were very popular this year...

If you haven't seen the other posts, you can see the first one here and the second one here
Well, I'm about to leave for the airport! I hope my brother behave, I swear, together, they give me a headache. Byee!


Wednesday Mall Trip and PARK!!

So I went to the mall on Wednesday. Here's some picture of what I got.
My Day:
I left at like 10 am with my moms friend, then went to pick up her daughter from daycare at 2.
She went to the market and took her daughter to the dentist at 3 where my baby brother was getting his teeth cleaned.
 My mom took us to the park where I just wanted to go home because I was tired. We went to whole foods to get sushi at 4:30 I think.
Then came back to the park. She took my baby brother to the doctor at 5:45 and came back before 7. We were still at the park... so we finally came home so Wednesdays post was a little late...
So I was out of the house for 9 hours that day... it was a lot for me =)
I got this dress/top and a little makeup bag for the mini straightener from H&M

Heres what the dress looks like.
I got these four containers from the container store.. I'm going to use them to display little art pieces so they don't get dusty.
There was a 2 for 1 sale at ALDO, so i got this super cool ring
I got a necklace (finally one with an anchor and kind of nautical) both together were $9!!

A blimp!!! These have been very popular the last year... I see them all the time now
I'm on a rock! =)
The kids playing....

Well, today we went to the mall for like 4 hours, and it was torture... we had to go with both of my brothers. We have started to run around like crazy.... and I just want to get this trip over with now... It really feels like we aren't going to go to Turkey, and I want to stay because a LOT of my friends are here for the summer.... or they are coming early and we can hang out. But oh well... next year I might not go so I should make up for it now...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mall Trip!

I went to the mall on Saturday and we got some gifts for our relatives in Turkey, and some other stuff. We are in that "mode" were we start getting stuff for them and our trip =)
Here's what we got:
These were buy one get one for 1 cent at Wetseal so we got some for my cousins, I really  love the silver one, and the leaf one is nice too.

Close up
Close up
I got this shirt from F21, it was 5.80 I think...
They had these watches in black, and for some reason the blue ones were on sale... they are soo pretty but HUGE!!!
See how big it is? I mean my wrist is tiny, but I still love it.. we got two for some friends in Turkey

This watch, my mom got for me like a mini graduation present, its really pretty and I love white.. and you guys know I needed a new watch =)
Close up.. my camera was being mean to me and wouldn't take a good picture.. also I have no clue why there are two random crystals on the left side. Does anyone know?

Well this is what we got on Saturday, I know its been a week, lol sorry, but I did the necklace collection and stuff =) Hope you liked it! Have a nice weekend! I might have a post up on Sunday, but we might be running around like headless chickens since our flights at noon so I'm not sure.... 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Necklace Collection Part 2

I tweeted today at like 6 in the morning (@bellesme) that we were going to the passport agency and I thought we would be there the whole day but we came back home at like 11 and then we had to go do some shopping... Everyday I'm going to take pictures where the sun hits nicely and makes natural light but I end up coming home late... =) But its almost 4 and I can take pictures! YAY! And put up a (kind of) early post!!
This is part two! Enjoy!

I already mentioned these in my watch collection. They open up and have mini watches inside.

This was from the surprise bag from Claire's or Icing, and I loved it, and one day my knee got stuck on it when I was jumping off a bunk-bed (yeah, don't ask =P) and it broke and beads were all over the place. But I tied it back together and it's shorter but as good as new.

I got this from the Anatolian festival, and it matches one of my outfits PERFECTLY! It's like crazy!! =)
I love this one... 
At school a lot of my friends had this cool bracelet/necklace and it's magnetic and you can change the shape and I loved playing with it and one day we went on a field trip, I think it was a museum or something and I finally found one so I got it.

Here's another picture to show how it changes...

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but Dee's aunt makes jewelry and sometimes she sends it here so her Turkish friends can buy it. Anyway, Dee gave me this for my birthday, and it has matching earrings, but I don't keep that in my necklace box.
Here's a close-up. Isn't it so cute?It has a little turtle!!

This one me and my aunt got from Turkey (she has the same one) it has a bunch of colorful stones and it's all clustered..and pretty =)

This one my friend Zee and her sister gave to me for my birthday.
I think one of my moms friends gave this to me with like a bunch of other necklaces. I really like this type of necklace, and I actually have a lot of them. It's so weird, this one also matches a shirt that I have perfectly!

This one was in my Macy's haul post. I just love it!!!


This is a really cute necklace, but I don't wear it often, I think because I don't have a lot of things that match.. This one my moms friend gave to me. They are the ones visiting from Turkey this summer..
Close-up. Btw, this is the same style as the brown and green one. 
Me and my bestie got this, I think I got it in the surprise bag, and there was one that said "Little Sis" so I gave it to her <3 I think I will call her Buky, (not the district of fashion one)

This one is from eBay, and it opens up! I really like the daisy...
Opened and close-up
Well, thats part 2! Part 3 is coming soon.. (but with posts in between)
oh! btw, I have a couple "hauls" and stuff we got from the mall but I am taking pictures,(so they will be like a couple days after the original day I went to the mall...) and they are going to either go up this weekend or after I go to Turkey. I will be away this Sunday, and it might take until Monday or Tuesday because of the time change..
Oh and what type of bag do you think I should take with me on the plane? This year I don't want to take a mini-suitcase on board, just my laptop and stuff...
Comment below!!