Friday, April 30, 2010

Beauty Bank Quiz

Hey guys! I took a quiz! You can find the link here
I got it from Beauty Bag 411

My results:

You're a Big Beauty Saver
Well done, you. It's sometimes tough to find beauty bargains that save you cash without compromising your needs or sacrificing your urge to try the latest trends. But you already know that you shouldn't have to stay in last season's lipstick shade just because you need to keep your wallet as tight as your skinny jeans.

Smarties like you recognize that many department store and/or upscale products have cheaper equivalents at the drugstore. Who cares about labels when you're the only one looking into your makeup bag, right? You realize that paying 30 big ones for mascara is silly when you can get one that is top-rated likeCovergirl LashBlast Luxe Mascara, $7.28 for a fraction of the price.

But just because you're already hip to smart shopping, that doesn't mean you can't splurge every now and then. And since "over-priced" and "un-necessary" aren't part of your vocabulary, when we say splurge, we just mean experiment by trying a budget-friendly product you wouldn't normally buy. Example, you don't drop a ton of cash at the spa, but you could give an at-home facial steaming a try. The Conair Facial Sauna System, $21 is a great way to clean your pores and soften your skin -- without spending a fortune.

Yayy!! =D Glad to see that...
Tell me your results if you take it!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey guys!
I know I haven't been doing a post a day, but I decided I cannot, especially this week, it has been the worst week ever. =( I don't know why, school stress I guess.
Good news!! When I reach 20 followers I will have a giveaway! This will be my first giveaway and I am like suuuuper excited =D
Only bad news is that I can't send it anywhere out of the U.S. Sooo sorry if you don't live here. I just don't have that much money, maybe when I get like 500000000000 followers =P lol, no more like 200 or something in the hundreds!
So, I have 6 followers now, which is pretty awesome, at least I think so, and I appreciate EVERY one! Thank you so much for following my blog, I like to know that people actually read what I write, it makes me so happy!!
I guess thats it for now... oh! and please continue with the requests! I have had three so far, but I only got to one, because the other two are kind of hard... =/ but keep'em coming!!
Anyway, I just wanted to give you a mini update.... heres a little award/tag from Viva La Fashion

Who is your style icon?
I don't know, I love what Selena Gomez and Demi wear, but I do my own thing too =)

What is your favorite socialite lit book?
I don't think  I know what a socialite lit book is.  I really liked this book called The Greatest Game every Played. It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but it has soo many cool puzzles and stuff!

Favorite party theme?

Go to Halloween costume?
I liked my Pocahontas last year, I got these cute fringe boots, and since then I have been OBSESSED with boots. <3

Extravagance you can't live without?
I'm not sure like what, but I guess my laptop..

Living person you admire?
Selena Gomez, she is super sweet and funny and the best person ever!?!? Also, Obama =D

Greatest Fear?
Drowning, and being stabbed, (sorry! don't mean to scare you!)

Trait you deplore about yourself?
I talk fast, sometimes without thinking, nothing really bad has come out of that, only between friends ;)

Which talent would you most like to have?
I would love to do flips and all those crazy moves that like Demi, the Jonas Brothers, etc. do on stage.

Greatest achievement?

I'm not sure I sold lemonade once and got a lot of money, kind of. omg! I MADE like literally MADE "spaghetti" I saw it on Mr. Rogers neighborhood I'm pretty sure, and I was in fourth grade and I rolled out the dough and MADE pasta or whatever for my family.... =D =D =D

Don't forget to:
1. Display the award and link to the person who gave it to you
2. Add answers to the questions
3. Pass it on!!

I tag my followers =) If you do it, leave a comment below so I can check it out!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ebay Haul!

Hey! Omg, so ever since I got an account, I have been finding new things on eBay and I LOOVE IT! If you are looking for something specific they might actually have it! Which is AWESOME!
I ordered a lot of stuff but they haven't come in yet, so heres what I got so far:

Just got this today!! SO CUTE, I love elmo and I think this was adorable and it was less than $2!

Close up:

Okay, I really wanted to get a tripod for my camera, and I got a stable one and a flexible one, and then my mom was like well the flexible one can stay stable, but its not really stable, so when I get the sturdy one I will use it for more important things I guess.

Heres my camera, its a Canon Powershot SD800 IS, I got it a while ago, and I really want a good camera because I loove photography, but they are SUPER expensive, and I don't have room on my computer for pictures either! =(

Here is the tripod super coolly (is that a word?=) on my lamp or my room light thingy, I totally forgot the name now... =P

Okay, so I was just bidding on these, and I had no idea they were this small, they are shorter than my pinky! I thought they would be like the MAC pigments like I saw on Blairs channel.
But they are still so cute! How do you use pigments as eyeliner? I tried mixing it with water *blushes* I don't know how to do it, it worked okay though!

And this is the glitter palette, I just did the first bid thinking others would bid like crazy because it started at 0.99 and then no one did so I got it, because it is made out of glitter, it is chunky, but it still works. I use it as an eyeliner, I don't think I could ever use it as an eyeshadow.
They sent me a free navy blue eyeliner with it! Yay! =D

Oh and if anyone is interested in these things, leave a comment below which item you mean and I can send you the link or the seller that I got it from. You could just search it on eBay too..

Take care! < 3


OMgosh, I am sooo sorry! I know I said that I would do a lot of posts during spring break and now its over =(
Well... I had SOOO MUCH HOMEWORK IT WAS CRAZY! I did a chapter everyday and I STILL wasn't done. So I am sooo sorry!
So I came home today and look what I found!! MY Straightener CAME!! It was exactly two weeks and I was like, I should email the girl, because I know I shouldn't be like where is it where is it? But I was soo excited, but I came home and I found it!!! I am sooo happyyyyy =D
Here is the giveaway site: MGC
and the super cool girlie!! here

I blurred out my address on the top, thats why it may look weird.

I don't know if they do this for everyone but for my package I had: 2 to-go toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, 3 nail files (?), 2 soap roses, one fake rose, a case (dunno for what), a tin can it came in, a pink case for it, a heat resistant pad, and the two small bags it came with.

Everything that was in it:


They sell it here I think it was $200, but its on sale, and I don't know what they give when they send it, but they are SOOOO NICE! and AWESOME!!!

Oh! I will put two posts today since I haven't had a post for a while...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hellooooo everyone!
I went and did a little bit of shopping, to Target and TJMaxx my mom did buy everything (thanks*mwah*) I am not feeling good though =( I'm a little sick...
So anyway, heres what I got:
These two tank tops, I Looove Mossimo! These are long, and they are an XL, I hope they fit me, because I am literally tiny!! Anyways, I love the one I have now, I wear it all the time, but one isn't enough, because when its getting washed.... I hate it =D

This is a small"book", actually its pretty big compared to normal books, you open it and put stuff in! sOOO cool!! I got my friend this for her SUPER LATE birthday present, (sorry elle*! (name changed ;)) I love this, it's soo cool!!!

I got some socks that you wear like with flats because in the summer, I sometimes don't feel like wearing flats without any socks so I wear thes
e.. They have no seams, but they are all black, so I hope its okay!!

Okay, lastly, I got this super cute, super cool post it like "list block" because I loove making lists adn the sides are so cute but guess what? see that hole in the top right hand corner? Yeah, thats wear you put your PEN!! Is that not awesome???? Or am I just too crazy about it? =P It says the brand us Lady Jayne Ltd. You can check out the website here I will check it out after I post this up!

I just wanted to say that I am loving wild frozen blueberries from Trader Joes! Right now I am eating yogurt with flax seed and the frozen blueberries!
Oh! I just wanted to say Lady Gagas song Alejandro is pretty cool!! I really like the beat!! (If there are bad words-sorry, I didn't look at the lyrics)
Well, thats all, hope you guys liked this!


What did you guys do today? Do you love organizational (is that a word?) stuff thats super cute like I do?? Leave a comment below! It's not too hard, I promise! =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whats in my Bag

Hey guys!
This was requested, so here you go!
Okay, first of all, I change bags every single day, or more than once a day depending on the outfit, or where I am going, etc. I thought this was pretty normal, but it turns out most people have a few bags and dont change them that often, who new? (comment below and tell me how YOU do it) So, for today, this bag worked out, this is the first time I used this bag, and I got it from eBay, well my mom did so she could get some feedback....This is the bag:
Okay this is everything in the bag: (thats my carpet btw)

Okay, so normally I carry so much more stuff, but well.... today I didn't =D
This is my wallet, it is XOXO, my friend got it for me for my birthday... It's super soft and fits ALL my cards, I have like 200 gift cards =P lol.. more like 20..

This is my "makeup" I guess, I don't put on a lot of makeup, this is just concealer (Dulce Candy!), an emergency eyeliner, and some eyeshadow.
This is my earphones, iPod, and cell phone, it's 8GB and I got it with my laptop, if anyone is wondering. My cell is a Sony Ericsson W580i, and it is totally broken... =/This is my hand sanitizer (bath and body works),spanish homework and pencil case. It only holds like 3 pens and an eraser.... really good for your purse, not for your school bag =)
This is my emergency bag and some chocolate I got today...
My emergency bag has like safety pins, rubber bands, tissue, wipe, mint gum, dental floss, oil blotting wipe, feminine product ;), a pen, pencil, eyeliner, chapstick, some post-its and theres supposed to be some chocolate just in case, but my baby brother wanted chocolate one day and I gave that one to him, so I need to put a new one =D

soo.. thats pretty much it, I do have soo much more stuff though, but this made it easier..
Comment below, tell me what you think!!
Have a nice day!
<3 Bellesme

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey Guys!
So spring break starts tomorrow after school!! YAYY!!I have so much Homework I need to catch up on. AND Blogging too!!
So, if you guys could send this around to everyone you know and in the comments below write some requests you might have and would like to see on my blog! This can be anything like .... I don't know, my jewelry collection, my closet. whatever! List as many as you can and hopefully I will take the best ones maybe even ALL of them, and try to do them!! That way I will know what I want to do in my blog over break!!
Heres a really cute shoe, do you think it's expensive? I want my mom to get it, (for my half birthday =P) which is April 18th because my real birthday is October 18th! Woohoo!!

here's the link:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cool Giveaway! *EDITED*

Hey guys! I found this cool giveaway by
My Glittering Creation
you can check it out here!
Its so cool! Shes awesome!

Spring break is right around the corner! I will do more blogs, I promise! For now, answer this:
How much do you spend on clothes/accessories/makeup/shoes? Why? Do you believe the quality
is the same as the price? (higher price=higher quality) What do you think?
Adios! =P

EDIT I found an awesome new blog!!! shes also doing a givaway!
here you go
Viva la Fashion