Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to Nevsehir

AAh! The internet disappeared and now we have to go on the bus and we're late!!
I'll be gone for a week no picture! byee
sorry that was short

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awesome giveaway!

Hey everyone,
here is an awesome giveaway that I thought you guys would be interested, you should definitely check it out!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't know what it is, I post every 2 days now, it feels like one day, but I guess the time just goes by so fast... =)
I think I want to make an award but I don't know what type of awards there are so I don't want to re-create one thats already out there...

Does anyone know if these awards are already out there?
-Crazy Award
-Sweetie Award
-Dedication Award
-Out of this world Award
-Baker Award
-Bookworm Award
-Mysterious Award

Isn't it so cute? I love penguins...

I think that's enough....I'm just trying to think of random and funny awards =D
Well... if anyone knows anything about these awards please comment below....
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bits & Pieces that Make Up Life

woops.. it's been 2 days =D
How are you guys?
I'm in Konya for a few more days, and I'm sorry I won't have any new pictures today because my camera's battery is the last one I have so I want to save it...
For now, I have a set of "backup" pictures, because a post with no pictures is like.... lemonade in the summer with no ice right?
This is my room... 2 years ago when we first moved... I love taking before and after pics because its so nice to see how much something has improved.. but I don't have an after picture of my room...*blushes* sorry..

Since these are just random pictures I decided to share with you, here's a picture of some beautiful flowers... I took this with my phone!

Isn't this so funny and cool? I wish we got it because my brother and mom always eat ice...
How cute is this purse???? I loooove it! and it wasn't expensive either, it's not like a have a pink purse, I have a huge one and this one would be my mini one.. easier to take around.. I really love it
I love all the studs!!
This was like a clutch that folded over and had a chain you could attach to the sides to make it a purse, I love the color and all the studs
Here is it opened, can you see both places were you can attach the chain? It has it in the middle and top.. so cute <3
Hahhaha I think this is soo funny... it was a little pack of tissues if you can't read it, it says "I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them." It's good to be optimistic right? =)

I know messenger bags where everywhere but look at how nice and simple this is! I really need a white purse, and this was $12.. no I didn't get it. I don't know why...
This was a friends house, she has a daughter who's 5 now I think, and this was her light-thing, it was pretty low so you could hit your head, but it is sooo pretty!!! There are butterflys and see those round balls? You could turn on the light on the top like it is in the picture, or the little balls, or both.
A beach in CA... my baby brother like 2 years ago.. he's showing the birds I think =D
This was in a little tunnel when I was at this camp in Turkey, and I really liked this saying... it is very true.
They had a bunch of sayings framed on the wall and it was dark so I needed flash and I wasn't interested in photography like I am now so sorry it's not that good quality.
The Alice in Wonderland collection from Abbey Dawn.. I love what it says =D
If you can't read it, it says 
"This Garment may shrink if you grow up suddenly and Vice Versa"
Hope you liked it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nevsehir Konya Traveling

Hey everyone, 
sorry I have been MIA for a while,  I was here at my cousins (Konya) while my mom was in Nevsehir, and then she came on Sunday so I left my cousins to go to my aunt to see her and my brothers and then I didn't get back to my stuff until now.. ( I admit I haven't been away this long from my laptop but it's not even 1 yet...)
Anyway, here are some pictures from our traveling from Hatay to Nevsehir, and some pictures in Konya

He was asleep in the other bus... and there was a baby crying next to us so I gave him my iPod to drown out the sound and he fell asleep again.. (this is my brother btw)
These aren't so common in America cause everyone just goes with their car or by plane.. at least I haven't seen many in CA.. They are really common here though and they remind me of bugs don't the rearview mirrors look like antennas?
This is the backyard of my moms grandmas house... its from a loooong time but it's cool. It feels like its antique or something, sometimes i wonder how people lived there and what they did..
We went shopping and I saw these salt and pepper shakers, aren't they so cute? I always knew that the one with more holes is the salt, but every time I tell someone they're like "really?" is it not known?? I mean you put more salt than pepper and salt is more common... 
So cuuuute... =D maybe I'll get it.. who knows
This is from the back window in my cousins house.. it's.......... green
At the mall we had Kumpir, it's this huge potato that they stick in the oven and when it comes out its so soft and they mix in some butter, salt and cheese that melts sooo good and you can add whatever you want, the one on the bottom is mine, it has rus salata which means Russian salad (yogurt, mayo, peas, carrots and potato), corn, pickles, ketchup and mayo.. it's really good, you can add olives or sausage.. 
This is the mall, they have these lights all year round, which looks pretty but is a huge energy waste.
I like the balls of flowers with the butterflies.
Close up...
Well, I'm gonna go back to my aunts house, but the internet there isn't wireless so I might not be able to post a lot.. we'll see

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunny Yummy Hatay

Hey! So this is the last Hatay post... get ready for a long post because there are a LOT of pictures....
I'm just going to start... fast =)

This is close to where my grandmother lives, it's very pretty

I cant totally imagine The Clothes Horse right in the middle taking a picture there.. it seems somewhere she would like to take a picture, except maybe there aren't enough trees =)
This is a popular sweet there, it's a type of pudding with ice cream on top, and rose water.. the color is so pretty... it doesn't look real... I personally don't like rose water, but I had a few spoons of this. I think it was called Haytali
Another picture, more from the side *credit to my uncle for creating a nice background with the rose water bottle and ice cream cones =)

We went to my cousins summer house in this van and when it became dark the lights turned on and it was all blue! It was pretty cool..

I took these from inside the car!  The orange color is pretty...
Also in the car
The view from the top of the summer house
The sun... I wish I could get that cool affect like nice cameras do but mine is just a digital camera...
the sun and beach
Coming back home, there are these little round things in the middle of the rode and the cars go around in a circle to get to the road they want to, it's pretty common here but I don't think it really is in America
Also, this one lit up to different colors at night.. sorry I don't have any pictures of that...
Here's another one, sorry the pictures aren't good but I was in the car
They sell a lot of stuff on the streets in Turkey, and this is one that I thought was cool, my baby brother loves them.. they used to sell normal chicks but now they have all types of colors! I don't agree with coloring because it might not be healthy.. but it's life.
This was the restaurant we went to, this is the place mat
This is the view from the restaurant
This is what I was talking about when I said that there are workplaces under apartments 

Don't worry I didn't eat this, my brother eats it every time we go, it's stuffed lamb intestine with meat and rice and stuff, like stuffed grape leaves. We only get it from here because you have to make sure they clean it well.
This is what I got.. I know it's not original but they make the meat so good! and the burger itself is very different.. I just love it! As you can see there are fries in it, except you barely taste the fries! Anyway, my baby brother wanted fries so thats why we got that. Can you see my other brothers hand sneaking a fry? 
Another popular thing in Hatay is this olive oil soap, it's very good and healthy and I really like it not so much for the body, but if your face is oily, it gets rid of it very well.. there's different types for how dry you want your skin to be or how oily your skin is. There's an article that talks about a 130 year old women who uses it three times a week and she has really good skin.. sorry the picture is blurry...
This was the inside of the store, they had different types like cinnamon, rose water.. and other types of this soap
Turkey's own original Coke! =D
More pictures of the field
Thats the shortcut to the house.. you can see my brother

Okay, I was going to take a break, but I finished explaining them all... I have a Nevshehir/Konya post next..
Oh, and I have 12 followers now, I guess I got too excited about having a giveaway when I got 20 followers, but I'm getting there slowly =)