Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Carpet Style ft. Selena Gomez

Hey guys! I realized I never do style posts even though I love them! This is on Selena Gomez, I love everything she wears, literally. She has the sweetest, simple but very bold and stylish red carpet outfits. So I thought I would share my favorites.
A simple white dress with some embellishments, very nice nude heels, and her hair looks really dark but contrasts well with the dress.
A belted gray Max Azria mini. I think the gray looks amazing, it doesn't have much detail, but it is very fancy, and the belt makes it her own!
Two floor-length dresses, L- has very simple flowers, and its a dusty pink, so girly! R- Off white, but some folds in the fabric make it a little more interesting. She has the same hairstyle for both.
Here are more bold dresses. Bright yellow! It looks really nice, perfect for her age.
LOVE the silver, she really made a statement, but I think it was a little old for her because of the slit.
L-Simple pink and fluffy, she has a ring and a bracelet. On one side is the dress, the other has her hair. R-Very basic white mini, but the sleeves are really nice! 
I think these are both my Marchesa. L-I LOVE this dress, its a stone color, with embellishments, but the rest of the dress is a flowy fabric, dressed up but not over the top. R- Hot pink! She looks really mature here, I don't really like the hair color, but her hair and the dress look really cute. The bow and color make it great for her age.
L-BEST dress ever. A very fun print with butterflies, and has a longer back to make it more elegant, but a short front to make fun! I do think its a little too short though. Super cute, I would love to own this dress. Her hair is amazing, and the heels go very well with the dress.
R- Fun purple and black dress the top is sparkly. Her heels go great, and her hair doesn't clash. 

Overall Selena has said that she prefers one shoulder or strapless dresses, and you can see that here, but it doesn't mean she only wears that. She dresses really well for her age, sometimes elegant, sometimes cute and fun, and I love that about her! Very rarely does she dress old for her age, but as she transitions from a teen to an adult, that is normal, and she does a really good job of it while being modest instead of trying to wear inappropriate clothes.
What do you guys think?


  1. I like the blue/butterfly dress too, it's feminine and fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I especially love the silver dress in the middle and I think you're right she does look a lot older. I love that Selena Gomez doesn't feel she has to act and dress older then she is. She manages to look glamorous and beautiful while still being natural. I hope she manages to stay that way as her style develops.

  3. I love selena gomez's style and her overall personality. This was a great post :)

    xo, gina


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