Friday, September 30, 2011

Wake Me Up

When its all over.... second semester =)
Hey everyone! Its the last day of September, my last post was 27 days ago, and senior year is SO BUSY!
As much as I enjoy and love blogging, I honestly haven't had the time, and I haven't been feeling inspired. I forget to take pictures, I take too many pictures, I forget to take a picture of ONE thing, and then my little folder waits on my desktop until I finally make a blog post about it.
I've had bloggers, or even youtubers I've loved dissappear for a long time, and I know how it feels, if anyone actually loves my blog =) I decided I'm not going to come back and apologize for my absence every time I do a post because that just gets boring and unecessary. If any of you really truly miss me, you can find me on ~twitter~ because I absolutely love to talk =)

I just wanted to let you all know that I am alive, just uninspired, and so busy. Also, I want to do outfit posts, which I am SO excited for, except that I can only start second semester. And because it will have my name and my face, I don't want everyone to link up my name with Bellesme (which is made up) just yet, so that does mean I'll have to say goodbye to all of you readers ='( though maybe you'll find my second blog =)


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