Friday, April 23, 2010

Ebay Haul!

Hey! Omg, so ever since I got an account, I have been finding new things on eBay and I LOOVE IT! If you are looking for something specific they might actually have it! Which is AWESOME!
I ordered a lot of stuff but they haven't come in yet, so heres what I got so far:

Just got this today!! SO CUTE, I love elmo and I think this was adorable and it was less than $2!

Close up:

Okay, I really wanted to get a tripod for my camera, and I got a stable one and a flexible one, and then my mom was like well the flexible one can stay stable, but its not really stable, so when I get the sturdy one I will use it for more important things I guess.

Heres my camera, its a Canon Powershot SD800 IS, I got it a while ago, and I really want a good camera because I loove photography, but they are SUPER expensive, and I don't have room on my computer for pictures either! =(

Here is the tripod super coolly (is that a word?=) on my lamp or my room light thingy, I totally forgot the name now... =P

Okay, so I was just bidding on these, and I had no idea they were this small, they are shorter than my pinky! I thought they would be like the MAC pigments like I saw on Blairs channel.
But they are still so cute! How do you use pigments as eyeliner? I tried mixing it with water *blushes* I don't know how to do it, it worked okay though!

And this is the glitter palette, I just did the first bid thinking others would bid like crazy because it started at 0.99 and then no one did so I got it, because it is made out of glitter, it is chunky, but it still works. I use it as an eyeliner, I don't think I could ever use it as an eyeshadow.
They sent me a free navy blue eyeliner with it! Yay! =D

Oh and if anyone is interested in these things, leave a comment below which item you mean and I can send you the link or the seller that I got it from. You could just search it on eBay too..

Take care! < 3

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