Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Greetings =)

Hallooooo! (like Winnie the Pooh? =D)
So- I have been gone for a while, I will not waste time talking about that or making excuses. I am sorry to all and any of my readers. I have also been lazy =/ sorry again. I think its just every time I check my blog thing for the blogs I follow and I always check my comments... I guess I just wait till I get some comments because I like'em no- I love'em! They make me super happy, because it lets me know that somewhere someone is actually reading and I'm not talking to myself LoL =)
Anyway's if you would like to know how my weekend was: (PIC HEAVY!)
I was out at this organization or whatever from 10-8 I know!!! It was a Turkish weekend school and they had a graduation celebration from 1-3 or something but I went at 10 because I had to take this Turkish test and then at 4-7 I had an SAT math prep course there... so basically I didn't do much =)

My moms friend's husband had a surprise birthday party up at a park, it was on a high hill but it was all nature so it was pretty.. There were like... maybe 7-9 families and we just stayed there from 1-6 and the weather was beautiful, it was warm but there were soft breezes and I looooved it!!  We have had like rain a few days ago, RAIN!!! Its June and we had rain! I hope this weather continues though, me gusta =) (I like it)
When we first arrived

The kids playing, there were like 12 kids =D


I just loved this tree, the shape is so pretty!

Love how they sun is shining =)

kids playing with ice

dads playing volleyball

when the sun was shining perfectly onto it! Close to when we were going to leave

looking off into the forest...

So practically EVERYONE there had an iPhone so what did we do? (Me and Dee, but Dee was too embarrassed so she just sat down there on her butt and waited for me) I went around asking if the moms and dads had iphones and collected about 15!!! (btw like 2 or 3 ppl forgot theirs at home)
So we took pictures!!! (The iTouch in the middle is mine, one of the classics is my friends, and the other is mine)

Isn't it pretty?

3 families from yesterday par-tay went cherry picking so we decided to tag along, we were a little late but it was still fun. It was an hour long drive so they were almost done when we arrived. Then on the way back we had a pit-stop at Starbucks b/c me and my bro wanted SB before we went but my parents didn't want to deal with looking for a bathroom =P so I got a caramel frap <3 Its sooo good.... just sayin'
Then we got some fries at In N' Out which was also delish! And we saw one of our friends there! Then we went to the gas station... we kept stopping and then going and stopping and going.. it was funny.

isn't the shape so weird??

sooo coool!!!!!

wind turbines... I think.

look at that RED!

kids playing, look at that GREEN! (I didn't edit anything)

so pretty, they're running around

off into the distance

between the trees

posing for a pic

mmmm.... before

after. lol =D

btw the pictures don't show my face or a clear face for security and privacy reasons, one day maybe I will put nice pictures =) but not today, thanks for understanding

Now I'm at home, and I have to write a poem for our Lit final poetry slam.. blechh I do NOT want to perform but I need an A. Do you guys have any ideas of what I should write about? My practice one is about the summer...  but it needs to be two pages long:
My vocab isn't too high or a lot? what do you say, well? but here:

Quiet, soft and so natural,
the way the trees move is so magical
Sitting out under the stars
a slight breeze underneath my arms
Whispers of the grass swaying
Laughing, talking, and children playing
Summer is in the air
Nobody has to care
School is over and done
Swimming with friends is super fun
Why cant every day be like this?
Just swinging at night in sweet bliss
But there are jobs to do and things to learn
How we wish this life would take a turn
For the better, for the best
Even if everything is a test.
Whine and whine till the days are over
Then wishing the days would go by slower
Splashing into the water

Okay- Me and my mom and my brother just went to Target, and we bought some stuff here it is:
I wanted to try the Jergens thingy, Blair was talking about it, I love how they have like $1 mini sizes it helps so much to try out the product. 
Jergens and some Tums...

2 maxi dresses- I haven't tried them so I don't know if they will fit. They were on sale!

This dress was soooo popular!! Its more of a winter color but I hope people still wear it next winter lol =P I never found a nice one that would fit me and the price was good and this one was on sale

Some white vans style shoes, $9!!! For a project for the summer ;)

I saw this sale section for Liberty of London for Target and the designs were soo pretty!!! I got these super cute tissue paper, and I thought they were LOLT but turns out they aren't.

This is some cute stuff I saw:

An owl pillow

An owl bank

So many colors!!


Mini gift bags! They were like 49 cents! <3

So - I'm sorry again, but just know that I LOVE blogging and I seriously don't know what I would do without it, even if I don't/can't blog everyday.

P.S. IMPORTANT!! Help!! I really want to make gif's for my blog but every website I've tried doesn't work! Also, after you make it do you just add it like a normal picture? Thanks!


  1. cutest post!
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by some time!

  2. Omg!! Those apple products were soo cool all organized together! Lol. I go cherry picking every year. The poem is pretty good, by the way. This was a really nice post!! And the starbucks pics, hahahaha.


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