Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey everyone!
I finally got my permit on Friday (Feb 25th) , and though it didn't take really long, the only bad part was when they took my picture, I thought my eyes were closed, but the lady was like "oh its okay" and turns out my eyes are HALF closed, and since I'm smiling, I look drunk!!! =( I do hope they take a new picture for your license, if anyone knows, please tell me =P

So I went driving on Saturday (my moms birthday!), my dad helped me, and I was soo scared at first because of all the cars and how close they were, but after a while I really enjoyed it! The only thing I don't like is having to check my blind spots before turning or changing lanes because while I check them, I turn towards the lane instead of moving forward.

Also, we've had close calls where my dad told me to stop or slow down during a U-turn or parking, but I kept going and he was shocked that we didn't crash. hehe. I guess I should be more careful though. =P
Anyways, as I'm typing this, I realized my legs are sore, I think its from driving, like pressing the brake petal so hard. Woops.
March 13th:
Since we moved, we go to the old house when my dad comes home, to check for mail, and he lets me drive, so lately I have only been driving at night. My dad says I'll get too used to it, and won't be able to drive in the daylight, and I said that I should just become a vampire then.. (we make a lot of vampire jokes because my parents find twilight funny, and think I'm obsessed with it)

Note: I had this typed, but not posted, since the end of February, again I have no idea why.. =P


  1. Congratulations!:D DMV pictures are always blah.

    ***** Marie *****


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