Friday, March 18, 2011

Super Old Mall Haul!

Hey guys, so, sorry this is late, but whenever I remembered to take pictures, it was dark outside...
That's all I guess =) Enjoy!
-Wow, I just noticed I never posted this. Woops.. I think this is from 2 months ago =P
I know I don't usually put pictures of the bag, but I really liked this Charlotte Russe bag, the bright green color, and the style...
This was the ring I actually got a while back, but had to change for a different size, its more gold than shiny crystals, but the camera wouldn't pick it up.
I got this Carried away body mist from Bath and Body works when it first came out and it was $2, I also found this shower gel in the 75% off section, and though it was originally $3.50 (for TWO ounces!), the lady said it was 20 cents, so I bought it =)
This is me and my friends going crazy at the macy's mac counter. The lipstick colors were so pretty and vibrant though! I had to take a picture =) I think this was from a mall trip later on...
I think my camera can't pick up the color black.. but this is a real black trench coat from New York and Company, my mom was going to buy one, and it was buy one get one half off, and we had a coupon, but all I remember is the final price was $36.
Heres another picture with flash..

The picture on the right is with flash. I got this cardigan from New York and Company, for $15, but the final price was $8! I really like the plaid(?) school girl feel, I don't have anything like this, so I can't wait to wear a nice sophisticated outfit with it =D
Details. I think the red stitching looks like hearts, don't you?


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