Saturday, December 18, 2010

Look of The Day-Snow Bunny

So I have never done an outfit of the day, but this outfit sparked a lot of attention today, and I loved it too, so I decided to share.
So basically, it was reeeallly cold, and I actually wore a shirt under the sweater, because I freeze. I don't think I ever go to school with just one jacket in the winter. I always have like a jacket and a coat, or something like that. Anyways, my teacher commented on my outfit, and a few of my friends liked my sweater and my necklace. The rings, I added for you guys =) These pictures (except the last boot one) were taken on a tripod by my baby brother.
Sweater: Macy's (Gift)
Necklace: Friends aunt made it ($30?)
Coat: Marshalls ($19)
Jeans: Marshalls ($8)
Rings: Forever 21 (Both ~$4)
Boots!: Loehmann's ($50- Reg $250)
The boots; I got these not this Halloween, but last Halloween, I was Pocahontas, and I really wanted fringe boots. Now I do not really celebrate Halloween, but I like to dress up. I have no idea why I actually bought these boots, I'm so glad my mom let me, but the thing is, I have never worn anything like them before. I LOVE them now though, soooo much! They are super comfy and stylish, and I think they are cute and they go with everything. 
So many people have told me they love them, my Math teacher (last year), History teacher, Physio teacher, and Ceramics teacher. Not to mention a lot of my friends and my moms friends. But the BEST one? Random girls from school have stopped to ask me where I got them from =) That is the best feeling ever, I love it! It really brings a smile to my face, even if I am the one asking where someone got something from.

Anyways, hope you guys liked this! Check out my giveaway here!


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