Thursday, December 16, 2010

My First Thank YOU Giveaway!

Since I have such awesome people reading my blog, and I jumped from 18 to (26 now!) followers, and I promised a giveaway when I got twenty followers, here it is!
It's my first one, so bear with me =P I might add on to the gift, but for now, it is this necklace!

Its glass, with purple and gold (shimmery) inside. It hangs on a 18" ribbon, and has a 3" chain, and lobster claw at the end. It is removable so you can hang it on whatever you like! I got it from the Anatolian Festival, as a gift to someone, and that someone will be one of you!

Heres the extra gift!
Its an Urban Decay Matte eyeshadow in Narcotic, it looks bright but also pale, beautiful!

Mandatory Entry:
FIRST comment:
1. Tell me why you read my blog 
2. Tell me what you would like to see, what I should improve

Extra Entries:
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Put my giveaway on your sidebar (NOT a post on it)

1. You must be 16, or have parents permission
2. You must be a follower of this blog
3. I need your email on the first comment so I can contact you
4. You must live in the USA (Sorry to any international readers)

Giveaway ends Jan 15th 2011

I tried to keep it simple, so basically, you leave a comment answering the questions (w. your email) and for the extra entries, you don't need to leave two separate comments if you do them both. Make sure to read the rules, and have fun!!
This is all as a THANK YOU for reading my blog, my readers are the sweetest people ever, and you guys mean so much to me. <3


  1. I follow your blog because it is so cute and fun.

    I would like to see you post more often. I love reading your posts.

    I'm your follower.

    email address:

  2. hi! i read your blog because well, i really like your writing style. i think your hauls are my favorite. :) and i agree with Sunny & Star. It would be so cool if you posted more.

    I'm a follower. I have been for a while now. :)

  3. Oh, and i just started using my twitter this past weekend [after making it and then quickly abandoning it] so i sent a request to follow you!

  4. Hey!
    I'm a new follower and would adore to see NOTDs (Nails of the day)!!

    I love your blog! So cute! Keep it up!!

    Mallory xx

  5. I'm following you on Twitter!

  6. I also put your giveaway on my blog's sidebar:) Picture included!

  7. E-MAIL!!!: ---> it's legiTTTTimate!
    I read your blog because it's awesomesauce.
    Next, I would like for you to have more giveaways so I can collect all your stuff.
    I have parent permission. No worries. I will win.
    I follow you on twitter. I will put you in my sidebar, but I don't know how to. You need to show me.

  8. I read you blog because it makes ME FEEL SO FLY LIKE A G6, LIKE A G6, NANANANANANANANANA!!!!!!!!!I follow you on twitter through connections. I've tried,but,unfortunately my genius brain is filled to it's capacity. Therefore i could not figure out how to put the sidebar in my blog. I am very confident and qualified for this job, oh pardon me I meant giveaway. Here is an outline of my resume(french style):
    -i have a charlieissocoollike badge (if you don't know him, give me the prize then find out who the hell he is, jk :)

    I've been desiring blue eye shadow my whole life. Plus i play the cello, so that neckalce needs an owner like me:) My e-mail adress is :

  9. Hiya!
    I read your blog because it's fun to read and it's awesome!
    I would like to see more hauls and giveaways.
    I would add you to my twitter, but I don't have one. :(
    As for my e-mail, you already know it. :)

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  11. I read your blog because,first of all, you are my friend I want to support you in what you like doing. Secondly, it's very fun to read and believe or not I do learn new things from what you write. Lastly, I have nothing better to I would like more hauls and maybe you can also put more pictures of random things that interest you. You already know my e-mail so that is out of the picture. Post more and I'll keep reading. =D


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