Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Week Rambles

Hey guys, random ramblings ahead!
So this week was finals week, and I only had three final tests and a presentation. Basically I'm going to talk about my finals and what I did this week.
So Monday was a normal day, nothing much to say, except we kind of reviewed in every class.
Tuesday- I had History, and we just took a practice STAR test, but it wasn't graded, which is good because I got 32/60 which is really bad, I know! When I was checking my answers, I found out that my first answer was correct, but when I changed it, it was wrong =P
I had my Spanish final, which was okay, I wish I practiced the homework more, because he basically just copied it. The bad part was, we had a multiple choice that he got from another teacher, and we had to choose which word didn't belong, and it was hard.
Wednesday- I had ceramics, and I just practiced painting the color wheel for my tile, which didn't come out yet. I also got to bring home some of my stuff, I'll have a new post on ceramics soon!
I had a Lit presentation, which went well, we got an A, but it was a low A, I think it was because of the girl in our group who never came to our meetings so she contradicted us a lot =/
This class is the best class ever, for the last presentation the group had everyone hug each other, and our teacher was crying! It was so cute and sweet, and the things like this make me actually wish we still had school.
Thursday- Physio final, which was okay, I only wasn't sure of two questions. We had an hour left over.
Math- HORRIBLE! Omg, my teacher is crazy, I do not know what she was thinking when she made the test, but it was REALLY hard, and 2.5 hours was NOT enough. My friends told me that last year, there was a 30 point curve because it was so hard! She put little candy bags on our table like "Sorry the test is impossible, maybe this will make you feel better"

Thank goodness its over, but it will come back again next semester =/
I have to say that I love the last days of school because everyone is just so close, especially in my Lit class, I love what we have. Sometimes I feel like I love everyone in my class SO much, because I mean we are going through high school together, and sharing SO much. This is basically for my lit class because we are like a family. It makes me want to cry though, because I will miss everyone so much, and it feels like people are too focused on their best friends, or their group of friends, that they are like "ehh, classmates, whatever" it breaks my heart. Btw, you know all this if you read my twitter =P

Well, have a nice break everyone! I'm finally going to go shopping, I don't know when, but I definitely will! It feels so good to just sit back and not have to do anything, except my dad will probably tell me to do some practice SAT tests... oh well, at least we don't have homework.
Sorry that was sooo long, I haven't done one of these in a while. If you read all of that, this is for you: <3 =) it means a lot


  1. The weather has kept me home most of the week. And although I'm getting kind of bored of being stuck home I've been very sick with a sinus infection the last two days. I hope you enjoy your break from school.

  2. Reading about your school life makes me so happy I am done :D Hope you enjoy your break!

  3. It feels really good to be done with finals, I am done as well :D. Just getting the results back is nerve wrecking haha..I haven't got mines back yet! Hope you have a great holiday as well, and shopping therapy is a good way of bringing back your sanity haha :D

  4. I hope you have a fab Holiday! Thanks for sharing!

    xo T


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