Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ceramic Pinch Pot and Spiky

Hey guys! So, we got our pinch pots yesterday, so I can finally do this post =)
I have some of the steps.. I took pictures in class, as I worked on it.. Enjoy! =)

We had to carve in something from our culture and Turkey has a lot of intricate flowery designs so thats what I did. Also, my "lip" part of the pot got really big, so its also a hat =D

This is when I was glazing the bottom part

This is the top part, I carved in a flower. 

This is the overglaze, its like a toothpaste color but after it gets fired its clear and shiny.

This is after it was all done, see how its shiny?

This is the inside part, I really like the bright orange, but not the turquoise, it turned into a blue green

This is our big bowl, I'm making it spiky! Can you see the spikes? It reminds me of a dinosaur here.

Here they are more clearly.

I started putting them separately, then decided to make the whole thing spiky!

So you make little balls, then make them little spikes, you can see them lined up on the right. I put the balls in the little foot part... and I have a mini bowl and teacup on the left.

Well, we are working on pumpkins now, so I'll take some pictures of that, and other peoples pumpkins too! They are so cute!
Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. I love the colors of the pinch pot! So cool! This looks like a fun class :)

    The last bowl looks so interesting, you have to show the final product when you can!

  2. your pottery looks really professional and the colours are so cute!

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  3. That looks like so much fun! You're really good at it too! :)

    Oh, and you asked me about wearing heels at 16... At that age, I was actually just getting out of a phase where I only wore clothes from Hot Topic. So heels certainly weren't my shoes of choice! I wore them when I had to dress up, but never thought they looked weird on me!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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