Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heels & a Dress, What More Could a Girl Want?

So, I have been dying over a couple pairs of shoes, and I am determined with a capital D to buy them!!
They are kinda pricey... =/ but I can do this, I think I can... oh and you can tell I am really into shoes right now =) with two posts almost back to back.. I just love shoes and purses because I can keep them forever, even when I get old!
So here they are (btw, sorry if the two Charlotte Russe heels were a little repetitive..)

This dress is soo cute, its very feminine, but I feel like it has a certain edge to it, I don't know... I really wanted this for my birthday, but we'll see, I mean its 20 euros, which is $30 which is a tiny bit more than normal, but I am going to be 16!
You can find it here

These shoes are patent and suede! I love all the straps, and it's platform and it just looks so cute without being like a pump or pointy toe.. I love how girly it looks! I am seriously thinking of buying these.
Its $30 You can find thesehere
Note: Charlotte russe is having a buy one shoe, get one for $15 off..

These are super EDGY! I love it! The heel looks pretty comfortable, like the shoe will hold nicely to your ankle so it feels stable. These have buckles, a few studs/grommets, and they are lace up! All in one!
I don't really like peep toe, but I want to try something new... these also remind me of miley's heels that she's been wearing everywhere. I know I wrote a lot about this one, but it's not my favorite =)
Its $40 and you can find it here

Okay, these are from Urban outfitters, they are lace up, look kind of vintage, I love the wedge, it's so much more stable than other shoes, and it looks so comfortable and easy to walk in, because it goes a little past your ankle.. I think these are so cute, the type that you would see in magazines, I don't know. btw I'm not sure if the picture is bad, but I see like a light brown mark near the top, and where the heel starts.. can you see it?
I'm really saving up my money for these.... they are $78 (I'm hoping to find a coupon)
and you can see them here

I had these in a previous post, I just love the simple design, I like how the heel looks
sooo high, but it actually isn't. I also like the small strap so your foot doesn't come out.
They are $90, I think the brown ones are now $60. You can see themhere
I love the design of these boots! I like the grip on the bottom so you don't fall, and the inside is a sweater like design, and it's lace up again... I just wish the heel was a little thicker, and the foldover part didn't come so low..
It's $42.50 you can see it here

So, it's October! Happy October to everyone! I love October because it's my birthday month! I want to call it sour sixteen. =) Usually September, is hot, and November can be really cold, and I feel like October is the fall month.. I don't know.
I think my ceramics post should be up either Friday or Monday, depending on when we get back our pieces, because right now, I only have the work in progress pictures, nothing final. I can't wait!!
I might have a new post on some colors/patterns? I've been loving, so watch out for that one, its very... bright!
Have a nice week everyone!


Disclaimer: These pictures are all from the websites, none are mine.


  1. Hi!:D These are nice picks!:D

    The dress is so fun and girly. I am loving the first shoes!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Oh man, i love shoes! My favorites are the ones from urban outfitters!

    I love shoes for fall they are better than just normal sandals for spring/summer.

    And you're so right, October feels like the fall month! I hope you have a great sixteenth birthday! you can only have one once, so make it special :)


  3. Hey. I found your blog on Elaine's. Love the dress. So flirty and feminine! The shoes are great, but I am into a "flats" phase, so heels are a bit off me right now. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love those strappy black heels and both of the wedges! Great finds!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. i love the first ones! but the thing about heels (for me) is that since i'm already tall, it sucks cuz i can't wear super high heels :(
    oh! and thanks for the comment on my blog. [in response] nah, i don't really update my old blog; this blog is special cuz no way jose do i want my family creeping on me.

    keep checking me out


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