Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Dollar Masquerade Costume

Okay, so because it's the Friday before Halloween, most of the school dressed up =) Anyway, this is just a costume idea, and this is what I wore. This is just a little homemade twist on a plain dress to temporarily make it more colorful =)Basically, my mask was one dollar, well actually 1.25 =) Everything else, I already had at my house, and the mask was actually for my birthday, but I didn't use it then so I decided to pretend I just got it for my costume.
Masquerade costumes are tricky, if you have a crazy mask, you don't want an equally crazy dress, or at least nothing too busy close to the mask. But thats my opinion, and it's your costume so you can do whatever you like =)

This mask fit on my eyes the best which is why I chose it. I wore a plain black and gray dress from Target, my gold belt from eBay, and I decorated with these plastic necklaces, that I always get from baby shower games. I'm sure they are cheap though, and you can probably find them at party stores.

So first I wore the dress and decided to put the matching necklaces to decorate it, in my case, gold, green and purple. I didn't want to wear the necklaces so I thought I could get black duct tape and tape them on the band. Using an elastic belt was easier. If you are just wearing a normal dress, a belt would be better, but if you have those elastic banded dresses, you can use duct tape, that keeps the necklaces from moving around. If your dress might get ruined, you should just stick with the belt =)

(back view, the only picture that turned out good, yes I was spinning =)
Later on, I realized you could sort of loop the necklaces, but because they move on a belt, if you do that, maybe the tape would be better so they stay in place.

I think it looks prettier like this

Sorry that was so long =) I wish Halloween was twice a year because there are so many costumes I want to try out. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Happy halloween everyone! Stay safe, don't do anything dangerous and don't eat too much candy =)
*I thought I posted this, but it didn't post so now its crazy late. Sorry..


  1. Creative and practical!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Its really very nice and attractive costume. People always fell glad to buy this type of beautiful and modern costume.


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