Friday, October 1, 2010

Junior Year Schedule

Hey guys, so this is my schedule for this year.
(Note: I didn't post this earlier because I was going to add pictures of my project, but I decided to do a separate post for that. So, sorry about that.)

1) Physiology: I tried to switch to Physics Honors, but they are being really mean about switching classes this year, and they told me every class was full without looking at anything =/
The class is okay, except for the fact that we tend to have a lot more exposed diagrams then we actually need to...

2) Ceramics: I finally took an art class! OMG I looove it! The teacher is really sweet, she reminds me of someone close to me, but I don't know who. We made pinch pots, and we are going to make bowls for our next project! I am not good at drawing, and I really didn't want to take art, but ceramics is pretty good. You don't really have homework because you can't take the clay and tools home so thats nice =)

3) U.S. History: Let me just say, my teacher likes to swear a little, he says its a historical term, and blah blah blah. He's pretty funny, but he can be vulgar which I don't really like. Apparently he takes the APUSH powerpoints and uses them for our class, but we just don't do all the work. There are a lot of notes, but he gives us a break every 20 minutes... lol

4) Contemporary Lit: My teacher is AWESOME! She is soo funny, and like my freshma Lit/Writ teacher, she's like strict, but laid back, and has like 30 tattoos =P We finished Catcher in the Rye, which was kind of depressing, I didn't really like it, but now we are reading Into the Wild. We have these mini presentations, and a project already, and I'm worried about that because I haven't really started... we also have an essay =/ bleeehhhh

5) Spanish 3: OMG my spanish 2 teacher was crazy, funny, hyper, but such a good teacher, I wish I had her, but I got my Spanish 1 teacher. He's okay but he uses Vosotros which confuses me a lot =/ My Spanish 2 teacher didn't use Vosotros because it was confusing, so for a whole year I didn't use it. His class is also a little boring even though we get up and do little activities with others every 20 minutes. I have no idea how the time passed in Spanish last year, but my teacher would ask random questions from a Trivia book in Spanish which was fun...

6) AP Calc BC: My teacher is.... okay I guess. That class takes a looooong time to finish though. Especially yesterday. It was TORTURE. And she just taught us epsilon. Which I have no clue as to why we need it for Limits and all...

7) NONE! yayyy I get out early =) I might do a daily 7th were I TA (teachers assistant) for a teacher to get some credit. But we'll see.

So, if you think this looks familiar, you might have seen anything ima[gina]ble's schedule post. I sort of copied her... *blushes* hope thats okay Gina, if not, sorry I posted this without talking with you, tell me and I'll delete this post or think of a different way to do it =)

Hope you were able to read all that =P


  1. Omgosh, I wish everyone posted their schedules! They're fun to read! It's fine you copied lol :)

    So the only class I'm taking right now that's the same as you is BC Calc. And congrats for taking it as a junior! I took us history last year and i'm in my fifth year of spanish. My spanish 2 teacher was amazing too, too bad he moved lol :)

    Ceramics sounds cool! They don't offer that at my school. And contemporary lit sounds fun for an english class.

    I hope you have a good year! Don't let school get too stressful!

    xo, gina

  2. hey! i am also a junior and God, is the work load hard! I'm also taking us history, which really doesn't seem exciting & spanish :D however, and woah! for taking Calc BC XD. i decided to take AB instead. Math isn't really my thing. :)

    check my blog?

  3. love your shoe selection from the previous post! Looks like you have a crazy school year ahead of you!! Just's over way to quickly


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