Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Line Those Eyes!

Even though I don't really wear makeup, (only once in a while) I have a few eyeliners, and I thought I would share them in this post. I decided to include my liquid and gel liners too so thats why this post hasn't been up in a while =)
Pencil eyeliners...

In the order of the swatch, 
Wet N Wild 692 from CVS
Covergirl Black brown from Target (so good!)
Wet N Wild Lilac from CVS
Nabi a navy color, free from an ebay purchase (I seem to have lost it)
NYC Eyeliner Duet, the black side doesn't say anything, the gold side says 884 A place in the Sun
Hard Candy (soy) Take me out liner, free sample (BEST eyeliner ever!)

Liquid, gel and a new eyeliner

They are in order, except the sephora one is between the glitter and the Mega liner
Gel liner, says "mac" on the cap, but its fake, ebay.
Glitter eyeliner, "Heaven eyeliner" so old, I don't remember, maybe a little store in the mall. 
Sephora liner in 11 silver green, free for my birthday. It looks silver in the picture, but its actually blue-greenish frost. Its a normal eyeliner, but I just got it so I included it here.
Liquid: Wet n wild Mega Liner in 861, CVS
Wet n wild Mega Liner in 863, CVS

So how are you guys? I got a little sick on Monday after I got my braces, I don't know why....
I've been listening to Taylor Swifts new CD, and Emily Osments, even though hers came out a long time ago. My favorites are Mean, Haunted, Never grow up, Story of Us, and Better than Revenge, so basically all of them =) I like Em's Truth or Dare, and The Water is Rising.
What songs have you been listening to?



  1. love the colours you've chosen! and those owls are super cute at the end of your posts :) xo

  2. Cool! I've always wanted to try eyeliner but I don't have a good hand to do it..


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