Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outlet Haul with Friends!

Hey everyone! I know, I sort of disappeared for a while, but last week was soo crazy and I had presentations and tests and so much to do, and this week I sort of have nothing to do. I think I blog best when I procrastinate, and I haven't been procrastinating.. I think. I mean I haven't done much work either but anyways thats another story. Here I have my most recent haul, and hopefully I will go from the most recent to my oldest haul.

I went to the mall with three of my friends, Leslie Burke, Zee(? I don't remember what I call her here) and Awesome (thats her nickname for now).
Here's what I got:
Zee has a gray version of this from Forever 21, I think she influenced me, because I like slouchy shirts now =)  $15

Another slouchy shirt, though it doesn't look like it. F21

I got this nail polish from Forever 21 as well, its a peachy pink with shimmer and I love it!
A top from 5-7-9, I think it would be great for formal occasions.
A super thin cardigan from 5-7-9 great for summer!! And its super soft.
They actually look nice together =)
This was a dress I saw at Charlotte Russe, so cute, but it was $30.
I found it online for 25% off, plus my coupon starts tomorrow, so I think I'll get it online, I also have an extra 10% off =) Btw, its purple, a dark purple, not blue like the picture shows. Its zippered, edgy and has pockets! <3

Awesome and Leslie Burke have a poem they are going to say together and they decided to buy the same outfit from Forever 21, they are so cute...
How was your Wednesday?


  1. I love everything you got! I love all the stripes, they happen to be my favorite. And that dress at the end is so adorable you must get it! :)

    xo, gina

  2. Beautiful buys. I went shopping last weekend. All day Saturday but had basically no luck. That dress is amazing.

  3. You went shopping!
    I love the ring in the other post and OMG that slouchy top is perfect!

  4. I've been loving loose comfy shirts too.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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