Friday, February 4, 2011

(Not so) Freaky Friday and Marie's Giveaway!

Helloooo everyone!
So this week went by pretty fast...
-Our Spanish teacher talked to us about how we do not need a college degree to be successful in life, and good grades aren't everything. A girl in my class told us that she was driving around with her friend and the car broke down and the tow truck guy was like "its hot, you want to come over to the pool?" and they went. (cue in us laughing for 5 minutes) and she told us the guy had a hummer, corvettes and a porsche, a huge house and a beautiful pool and his wife was not working and the tow truck work was his only job.
-In Lit, we are talking about where the world came from, was everything always here? or did everything come from nothing? Who are we? What is God? That type of stuff. We were talking about ourselves and our name and this guy goes "Im glad I don't have a really long Indian name (he was Indian) but I wish I had a powerful name-Like STALIN!" xD Yeah we were laughing fir the rest of class...
-I may have a new ceramics project by next week! I'm so excited to show you guys =)
-Math.. oh math, the higher level you get, the funner/funnier classes get. The four guys in our class who don't stop singing. HILARIOUS. One of them says something, then they all join in. Then they started saying random inappropriate words like LOUD while our teacher was teaching, and even though I don't approve of bad words, me and this girl next to me were (quietly) laughing so hard that I couldn't write down the notes! And of course the ARRGHH's when we talk about r=theta and POLAR BEARS! when we talk about polar equations.... yeah math is awesome. I have the smartest guy (I think) at my table, who is soo funny, he'll have staring contests, or just flap his arms, and the girl next to me takes out cheerios and eats them and he goes "you look like a squirrel" so she starts eating like a squirrel.
-OH!!! So this guy, hes' russian, lets just call him Bob. So, when no one knows how to do something everyone goes "BOB!" and when we were answering questions, our teacher goes "are you saying that answer because Bob is saying it? Or because Bob is right?" and this guy goes "BOB is BOB, therefore BOB is right!" and whenever he has an answer, everyones like "I go with Bob, I trust him" its pretty funny.
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Math class can get boring, so its good to have funny people in your class. Anyway, here's a new giveaway I thought you would enjoy!
You can click here to enter!

How was your week?


  1. oh, the wonders of math class. I totally agree with you about the further up you go in math the funner/funnier class gets. I love my math class because of all the jokes and how off topic we can get sometimes.

    xo, gina

  2. Oh, I miss school situations like that!

    I am following now, I would be more than happy if we keep in touch!

    xoxo, Froso from Style Nirvana

  3. your blog is cuttttttttttttttttte girl! i absolutely love it!

  4. One thing I have to say about college is be extremely careful with taking student loans. I took them to pay my way through school and it is going to take me years and years to pay them all back. It's so depressing. :-(


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