Sunday, April 24, 2011

Turkey Haul!

Yes, eight months later... =P But at least I can give you guys a mini-review now! 
I've worn this shirt a lot, its a nice dressy shirt, perfect for spring and summer!
I haven't worn this yet.. I feel like its too kiddy for me...

with flash
without flash
A purple plaid shirt, I've worn this without the belt, sleeves up with a belt right under the bust, and just open with a shirt underneath..

L-Rolled up Sleeve R-with grey vest (also from Turkey)
I never wore this either, because it's a little big on me..
I love stripes and nautical! I've worn this a few times because its more of a tunic than a shirt, I paired it with the red silky scarf from Marshalls, and looove it!
This is like a simple, but still nice tank top. It says "Stylish City Girl in Istanbul"
 Close ups..
Shop till you drop! I love the simple sequins on this shirt, again its thin and perfect for summer, and the wide neck lets me wear it hanging off one shoulder.
Though this looks weird hanging like that, its really nice on. I feel like its more edgier, and I've worn it a LOT! I feel like there is a slight pink color, but super hard to see.
A white vest, still haven't worn it. Any tips on how to wear it?
A turquoise necklace, super long!

Some ceramic bowls, I actually use the big orange one for my rings, the small orange one for small candy and gum, and the pink and purple for clips and hair ties.
I actually liked this when I first got it, (it came with a magazine) but the rings were made out of plastic, and I'm not into Twilight anymore.. 
I really like this clutch/messenger bag because of the nice detailing and pop of red! The strap isn't the best quality, but for $7, its pretty good!
This is probably the second most used purse in my closet... I LOVE the edginess of it, and the material, and I never had a good black purse, even though this is small, I use it a lot! And it was $10! 
L- Close up of the studs. R-The strap attached to make it a messenger bag!

I think thats it... if I missed anything, I wouldn't remember anyways =)


  1. Great buys! I like that studded bag.

  2. Wow great purchases. The clothes are amazing, especially the first blouse. I love the ceramic bowls. I am actually going shopping in a few days and something similar is one of the things I am looking for. I would like some cute ones to organize my jewelry drawer.

  3. Stripes are my fav thing in the world!!
    I love the striped top!
    Thanks for the Inspiration :D

  4. Wow, I love a lot of those tops! And the bowls are SUCH a good idea! I may steal that idea for some room redecorating later. Also, very pretty jewelry!

    oh and btw, I am in AP Spanish. It's going to be a hard exam!

    xo, gina

  5. Nice haul!:D You got a lot of stuff.;D

    I like your stripes top.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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