Monday, May 16, 2011

Lake Tahoe Trip!

We went to Lake Tahoe in February with some friends over the weekend, and I decided to share some pictures with you guys =) It got very warm here recently, but now its cold again (aka 65 degrees). The snow was really fun, but very cold! Though I enjoyed it a lot, I don't think I could live with snow everyday =) 

The view from the car
On top of the hill (getting ready for tubing!)
The view under the slope for skiing
I went skiing for the first time! It was a little hard, but I learned quickly.  I got super sore, but it was really fun! 

Views from the ski lift
The lake...
Me looking out to the lake (I actually had taken off my socks because they were wet, so I couldn't feel my feet! I also left my gloves in the room so I had to wear Dee's, she was wearing two.)
Snow on the carpet in front of the hotel.
The perfect snowball!
My mini snowman =) I made it right before we left.

I decided to wear my "Uggs" for this occasion, since I figured they would be appropriate. I don't really like them, besides the way they look and the fact that they aren't healthy for your feet and aren't waterproof. =P I sprayed it with a waterproof spray for shoes, and I expected them to keep me warm, but they didn't, they were better than normal shoes, obviously, but the ski shoes were soo much more warmer.
Did you take any trips recently?


  1. It looks beautiful and it looks like you had a great time.


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