Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Math Homework

ahh!!!! I still have math homework I HAVENT started.. =/ blechh... now that the time thingy changed, I have so little time =[
Welll.... I don't know how to add pictures but I'm going to try,
okay, I think it worked..
Its not that good of a picture, but its sooooo cUTE!! Like I could DIE of its cuteness.. It was $20 at Target, (check out and I loved it, and then later on it was gone before I could show my mom ='[ then, like a 3 months later I found it online!! AHH!!! for THIRTEEN DOLLARS! And I bought it right away.. Its pretty heavy because of the chain part, but you can remove it to make it a clutch, and if you want the chain with you just in case, then you can wear it as a necklace!! Its super cute, ( I came up with this by the way, you can even check the websites reviews, ;)
I hope you guys liked this!
Pleasse leave a comment below to tell me what type of things you guys like, or would want me to do, until I get a good idea of what I want to do
Ciao! =P.. lol

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