Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forever 21 PART 2

Hey guys! Here are some more stuff from Forever 21:

I am sooo getting this... its ADORABLE!! It has every color and it's like this huge bow.
I just need to find it in the store because I don't want to pay shipping and handling, so I have to go to a different mall... hopefully it wont be sold out. =/

This looks soo cute, its like a necklace on the shirt, but you can adjust it! (I'm assuming you can take it off too!) So you could use just the tank top or just the necklace. I just think the color is very oatmeal, and cozy, but I wish there were maybe some flowers on the end.. I dunno something is missing...

Okay so Elle and Blair have this. and I loooved it, its soo sparkly and soo many bracelets in one.. BUUuuuut I went to the store, and I know $15 seems a little steep for forever 21, at least I think so, but I went and they were huuge on me =( so I didnt buy them. On their video though, they had the cuuuuuutest cuff bracelet with flowers, that you can make smaller or bigger, its ADORable, but I couldn't find that online or in the store, hopefully I will go to the other mall in like 10 days? I hope its still there...

For some reason, I loove side messenger bags these days, they seem soo cute, and this one is so simple but it has small keychain details and I just think its cute.

These were the jeans that I got from the other post..

Sequins AND fringe! Its so like cute and edgy, I dunno, its black soo.. I like it, a LOT.

These heels, Dulce Candy (here) had recommended them if you are new to heels, I don't wear heels a lot, but I think I can walk in them, these just look really cute, and the flower makes them look vintage, I want these a little, but I don't know what I could wear them with.. maybe for my birthday *hint hint* (but it IS like 6 months away) so maybe now? *hint hint* lol.. I doubt anyone will buy me these.. *sigh* I really want a pair of cute heels that I can wear daily, that are comfortable, not too expensive, look cute with everything practically, but not like special for special days only.. can anyone find me anything like that? =)

Sequins! Glitter! Action! aah! the beautiful damsel runs away from the evil robot in her stunning dress with some black chinese laundry heels.. yes, I am bored, that was horrible, what else is new? This dress screams "party" or should I say "PARTY!" =D I love it.. there you go

I love that this isn't those tank top dresses and the bottom has a cute ruffle and bow! also, its fake leather and its all black! its like the cutest LBD!!!

These heels are awesome.

This is so cute because its long sleeves, casual but still flirty and cute with the ruffles. *NOTE: by "flirty" I do not mean I am trying to flirt, no offense to anyone out there but I am not trying to get a boyfriend.. I am not getting married, so I don't need a guy, makes sense. And its coral! I love it, I think I would make my mom get it though I'm not sure about the sleeves because I have broad shoulders.. so well see. I hope they still have it

Plaint splattered jeans...

Cute flower cuff..

Silk rosette top! So simple yet elegant, its very nice, good for the days you need to wear more businessy clothes, but you need to dress good too, not just like work clothes.

Okay, well this one was longer I think. I hope you guys like it! I will try to post everyday, or just every other day, but until spring break I have a huge research paper and stuff, so if I don't update a lot this week or next I'm sorry =(
Byeee! <3

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  1. Lovely post! I'd like to get my hands on those heels too please, but we don't have f21 here and shipping is like 30 dollars!' anyways the green ball thing you asked on my blog was an EOS lip balm ;) xxx


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