Friday, March 26, 2010

Macy's "Haul"

HI!!! So I went to the mall today, its been AGES... =/
So I wanted to buy stuff from Forever 21 BUT as usual they had nothing good in the store, and everything good was online.. so I didn't get to spend any money =P
Then me and my friend (Nickname:Dee) went to Macy's and found some cute necklaces....

These are some HUGGE Hairclips, they wer $6 =/ but I kind of needed it, and I hope they hold your hair cuz Dee said they would.

okay so Dee had this Jacket, and its like BLINDING and also I decided that I would get hers and wear it, BUT it might be too big now.. so anyways my mom was like okay buy it, and its cute, a little crazy but it looks pretty "fashionable " =D NOTE: I don't really care if its "in" or not, I am the type of girl that buys what she LIKES if its affordable, I do not care if "gold is sooo last year" whats important is that I like it. I know that sometimes when something is "in" you see it EVERYWHERE and you like it too, which is fine, but I know people go and buy and wear ugly things (like UGGS?) just because they are in and even though they hate it. Just thought I would clear that up. I KNOW UGGS are suppperrr comfortable which is awesome, but they are bad for your foots arch and not good in the rain!!! (come on now people)
WEll sorry that was long... here it is:

And here are some things that we saw around the mall:

OMG this ring is HUUUGE I really wanted to buy it because I loooove weird one of a kind type of things, but it was $25 ='(

LOUIS VUITTON!! The balloons are soo cute.. there were two security guards.. lol it was funny

This was soo SPARKLY!!

By the way, these are picture from my cellphone (minus the first 3) soo sorry about the quality.
These aren't all from macy's! Comment and ask if you want to know where it was from!
Byeee <3


  1. The last necklace is gorgeous!
    BTW the top is from New Look :)

  2. The sparkly ring looks amazing!


  3. Those trinkets look so cute!:D I agree, most of the time, the good items at forever12 are most of the time, online!

    Will now be following your blog follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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