Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rite Aid, Office Depot, and Sparkles!

I went to Rite Aid and Office Depot a while ago, and took some pictures, just some random stuff...
oh and does anyone take pictures of cute things they find in stores? I do that all the time, I like to think of it as like inspiration and a little because I want to be a designer... but anyway, sometimes people see me with my camera or my phone and they are just like what??? why is she taking a picture? Do you think its like not allowed? Which doesn't make any sense but whatever
Here are the pictures:
Kleenex! How cool? I think it was so cute, but obviously more expensive. I love the watermelon one, and the lime ones green color is awesome!

These were some binders there, it was buy one get one free I think and I was so excited because the colors were soo cute, but we couldn't buy it because to get the sale price we needed a card (which we had, but it disappeared) and we had to pick up my brother from school....
I noticed the blue square in the middle from the ground, so I decided to put the binders around it.... ahhh the colors are just gorgeous...
This was at office depot, its this super cool desk, with different colors! It has like colored paper so you can change it, and I just thought it was pretty cool, because no one likes being stuck with one thing for long right?
This was also at office depot, its like the makeup thing that most people have, I was thinking of organizing papers in it, but I would like a closed one for makeup, and skincare and stuff...
This is the sparkly ball!! Its soo cool, its so glittery, but they are so expensive! This is Dee's she got like three for free from Borders or something...
Look at all that glitter! Its like (a pink) christmas in a ball =P

What are your favorite stores? Do you like to go back to school shopping?

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