Monday, September 6, 2010

Is Everything Really Going to Be Alright?

How was everyones weekend? Mine was okay I guess, not that I would remember because the last day ruined it..  I was going to do a haul post but now I can't =(
*warning* long rant ahead
I was just having an off day, I wanted to go to a store, and for some reason my mom didn't take me. She didn't give an explanation either, anyway I just did some math homework and around 3 or 4 she got ready to go somewhere and left. We went to a friends house today and I was tired and not happy and after we left she got mad that I was being mean to people who cared about me. I mean don't get me wrong, besides having a crazy family, being the only girl and being a junior with the stress of college and SATs and stuff, Im perfectly fine and happy with my life. It's just when shes mad, its okay and she doesn't have to explain herself, but its like I can't be mad....
I just wish I could drive and go and get some ice cream with a friend and just chill then come home you know? I mean I'm working on my permit, but even then I have to drive with someone....
I don't know, I'm just confused I guess... and super tired =/
I think I'll just watch some Shaytards videos, I wish I had a family like that, they are so happy and funny and crazy and I just love them!(lol, watch in like 3 days I'm gonna be the happiest girl on earth and love my family, but right now, blehhh, you know how it is right?)
Well if you read all that, congrats, sorry if I brought you down but it feels so good to let it all out even if I don't have many readers or comments....
Heres a nice saying, I got it from another blogger, Buky from district of fashion.

and a random one that I love, I think it was from Viva la fashion but I don't know..

Oh and we didn't go ice skating, because the "snow" was a small pile in the middle of the no pictures-sorry.

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  1. These are some awesome quotes! The last one has such an important message too.



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