Sunday, January 2, 2011

CSN Stores Mini-Haul

Hey guys, so before the review, I actually won a contest from The Redhead Fashionista, and I ordered some things.
I got an email saying my orders were shipped on Monday, and they came on Tuesday, except for the last package, which came on Friday. I was shocked to say the least, I mean it arrived in one day.
It's not much, but theres a funny story that comes with it =)

So this long box was really light, and I was like "What's in here?" and I open the box and its this blue bag.
In the blue bag is the sharpener I got, which is tiny! Me and my mom had a good laugh about that huge box only having a tiny little sharpener.
 The second box (not pictured) had a pack of 12 post it notes and a 24 pack of crayons for my baby brother. Except these were huge compared to the eraser and came in a box 1/6 of the size that the eraser came in. It was... interesting =)

On Friday I got this guy! Isn't he sooo cute? Well, as soon as he came, my baby brother took him and he wouldn't give him back to me.. On the bottom of his foot it says Zou so his name is Zou, but my baby bro got confused because he recently got a Zhu Zhu pet, so he was like "This isn't a Zhu zhu pet!" He still carries it around, which is really cute, but he'll probably get tired of it and then I can take it =)

I had all of these posts ready, so I could post while I was gone, but I kept forgetting to take ONE picture... so, thats why these are a month late.
School starts tomorrow =/ Who's ready?

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