Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Rambles

Hey everyone! This is just going to be another random rambly post... =) Let me know if you guys like these posts or not.
I just had a crazy hard Calculus test.. =/ I really hate those tests, only 3 a semester but 80% of our grade! My teacher said she would have some stuff from last semester, but there were SOO many things from last semester it was crazy! I barely finished! Anyway glad thats over... Here are some funny jokes I found online

     But on Tuesday I'm going to have a Physio and Spanish test... why do those two classes always have tests at the same time?? I think its going to be a really hard Spanish test because my teacher wants us to know spanish speaking countries, and some random ones, around the world in Spanish! =( And a lot of Por y Para, subjunctive, blah blah blah. Btw, if any of you are taking Spanish check out the first semester of Spanish love song on youtube, its pretty funny =)
     Oh!! I found the perfect tank tops on Charlotte Russe's website! They are all on sale for $15 and they are the cutest things ever, but I really like four, that I might buy for Spring/Summer so I need to earn some money.. any ideas? I'm thinking a blog sale, but I'm not sure how to format that on my blog. If anyone knows please tell me, but I'll Google it too. -TGIF!! I actually really want to do some homework right now and get ahead.. I know my dad will be shocked =)
Have an awesome weekend! Also, if you have any requests, please comment below, I'm always open for ideas.


  1. Can totally empathize with you about calculus tests! And because of your funny math jokes, you're one of my favorite bloggers! Those and other things of course :)

    I'm taking spanish too, good luck on your tests! And Charlotte Russe always has good tank tops.

    And I do like random posts, it keeps it fun!

    xo, gina

  2. Omg, the 2nd one was insanely funny!
    At 1st i didn't get the first one! -Slow brain! haha
    Thanks for the jokes. Really helped!

  3. Your math jokes are so cute. My sister would love these she is crazy about math.

    Maybe you can set up an esty shop?


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