Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, this is another kind of big haul, just stuff I got over break =)
 My brother found this puffcorn, I'm not sure if Safeway has it or not. It was actually 1.78, and the chocolate was 0.58 each =)
I got two of these Oreo fudge cremes for 1.50, and the some skittles and a Russel Stover chocolate box, I think a dollar each. The notebook in the back is a Stone paper notebook, its SOO cool! The paper is thick, kind of like oily, or like plastic. ANY pen writes really smooth on it, its like miracle paper, and of course recycled, so thats a bonus. Oh, it was $3.50 I hope to find some more. These were from Walgreens.
Bath and Body Works was having a sale, almost everything was $3. I got this foaming soap, just because they are so fun, in raspberry, and this fragrance mist in secret wonderland. I think it's a new fragrance, it smells very floral-y, and thats all I can say. It smells really good, but I can't explain it.
Heres what the site says:
Master perfumers have blended luscious strawberry and frosted jasmine petals with magical notes of white amber and creamy sandalwood to create this whimsical fragrance inspired by a world you never dreamed existed. Top Notes: Luscious Strawberry, Wild Goji Berries, Ripe Raspberry
These are ID case wallets, from ICING, I got one for a friend, and the left one for me. They were 7.50 each.

I got this necklace for 5.80 from Forever 21 and I love the pastel colors on it! Very sweet and simple.
This is my Target haul =) These are all just gifts for friends, so I won't write the price, if you are wondering, just let me know!
Close up...
Lastly, here are my new sweatpants/PJ bottoms! =) The yellow ones were sooo comfortable and soft, and I saw these they are a gorgeous deep turquoise and purple! $8.

Did you find any good deals at the after holiday sales? 
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  1. My grandmother got me hooked on that puffed corn. It is delicious isn't it?

  2. Very cute sweatpants! And is that penguin wrapping paper I see? It's SO CUTE!! & it's purple, even better :) I might have to go by target!

    xo, gina

  3. Omg
    I found this awesome shirt at sears for $9.99
    I love it so much and i just wanted to grab everything!
    The back detailing is like that of a corset.
    Its gorgeous!
    Love it!

  4. Yeah, that shirt you saw on my blog.


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