Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ceramics Pumpkins and Update

Hey guys! Its the first weekend since break, it was soo hard to go back to school, and I have so many essay's and tests-teachers are crazy! Heres an update on the one class that requires relaxation and fun! =)
Because Ceramics requires a lot of work, making the object, firing, glazing, and re-firing, and then having the teacher grade it, these are the pumpkins from Halloween.. 
Some pumpkins that classmates made, so creative!
L-My friend actually made this pinch pot, she's soo good at it.
R- My boat and person, but the little guy broke =(
My tile! This was a 3D project, its supposed to stand out. (This is a more recent project) I'm painting it now! (We paint these, not glaze them)
This is my "teacup" I didn't like this product that much, it was a little hard..
L-Someones tile, SO pretty! Especially the rose
R- My friends teacup, I love the design, and the fact that she was able to continue it to her foot! (its upside down)
My mini-tile! I saw that someone else had done this for their 6x6" tile, so I made a 2x2" one.
I'm always the last person to finish the projects, either because I try to make everything right, or because I'm just slow, but I actually did this tile in about 20 minutes, whereas my other tile.. I think it was like 5 weeks.
My pumpkins! I made mini-ones! (duh) Does the face look familiar? Yeah, I copy people too much =/
I actually hate being copied in real life (not the internet), because I love to be unique, but I figure because they are in different periods, and will never see my pumpkin when I take it home its okay. 
This was my mini-cup, it pretty much fits my thumb.
Closer views..
Yay my mini-boat! In case you didn't figure it out, I love mini things =)By the second week of school my teacher decided to call me the maker of mini things =P
You may be wondering what happened to Spiky?(If you don't know what I'm talking about-here) Well, I wanted a specific glaze, and my teacher ordered glazes in November, but she kept forgetting mine, so its still waiting in my locker, half-glazed. =) Believe me, I can't wait until its done too!!
Have you made anything yourself you're really proud of? Please share!
P.S. I extended the giveaway deadline.

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  1. Those are so pretty and wonderful.
    I love them.
    The tile with the rose is just breathtaking.
    She should make them and sell them.
    Not kidding.
    All of you did wonderful jobs.


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