Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Hey everyone!
Here's another book review =) Since its the end of the year, I have less homework, so I actually found time to read!
Don't mind the cover, it's not all about love...

This book starts out a little slow, I didn't really like it because it seemed like a teenage girl book where the girls weren't popular, and other girls were pretty and they had all the cute guys, etc, etc. I felt as if it was a little more appropriate for younger girls, until finally she kissed the guy and died. (Don't worry, it says that on the back of the book). I think though it was an easy read, it was interesting and I really enjoyed it.

So this was another mystery + romance book for me. After the death, things got a little interesting, and even though the book wasn't that good, (the ending was HORRIBLE) I knew there had to be a sequel or I would die. Thankfully, there was, and I read the first three books almost back to back so I have a little fuzziness in memory for separating which books were which. I recently got the fourth book from the library and can't wait to read it!

l should have the second and third book review up soon. Let me know if you read it!

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  1. No way! I thought there was only a sequel, I didn't know there were more books after that! I loved this book when I read it a few years ago. Thanks for your review on it!!

    xo, gina


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