Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inception=Mind Blown.

I watched this movie two weeks ago, and it was amazing.
I didn't understand everything, so I plan on watching it again, but the small romantic part, and Cobb's... problems broke my heart. It is funny in some parts, and I found slow in others, but overall such a great movie! It really makes you think about life and dreaming and what is real or not. All I could think was "WHAT?? Did the writers understand it? Wait is he in limbo? Is he alive?" and then after the movie I was thinking, what's the point of living such a boring life, is this life even real? Who cares about high school, work, etc. =)  I can say that I thought about this movie a lot after it was over, trying to make sense, and reading the beginning of the script to understand...

It was the best movie and the worst (kind of) at the same time... it made me think so much about reality and whether there was a point in living, (that part could be bad I guess...) I heard some people commit suicide because they think this life isn't real. They could be right (to them), but what if they're wrong? You just wasted your life!

Did you guys watch Inception? Did you like it?


  1. I've watched it about 5 times and each time I find something new haha! I didn't find it too confusing, as others did but I enjoyed it. Mainly because I love Leo DiCaprio though haha! It's an okay film, maybe not as hype-worthy. xx

  2. I watched it with my boyfriend which is probably a good thing as I didn't understand any of it - he had to explain loads and it's still a little hazy. I watched the adjustment buro (i can't spell!) yesterday which is quite similar



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