Saturday, June 4, 2011

Collective Charlotte Russe Haul

Hey everyone!
So I ordered things online from Charlotte Russe a few months ago, but kept forgetting to make a post, and since I got a few more things, I decided I would do a collective haul.  Keep in mind that this is over a few months, not all in one shopping trip, so I don't remember the exact prices either, sorry. You can tell its been a while because the image numbers go from 2000 to 6000... woops! Anyways, enjoy! =)
I think this was $12
Same as above, I got it for more formal outfits
I love drapey shirts! I think again $12 but I'm not sure.
Around $3.
$2, it pops out like three cake layers. =)
$5 It actually fits my wrist and its so girly, I love it!
On sale for $14 plus 10% off, its a nice coral color, but my camera didn't pick it up
Remember the dress? I think I paid about $15, with the sale and coupons, so half price!
This is more recent, I think it was about $5 at a sale
$5 again, at the sale, my mom has this shirt too, we're twinsies =) I really like it, I think it has the potential of being a really pretty shirt, but its slightly big on me, so it doesn't look great (on me)
Sorry for the lack of posts, I had two finals recently, and I have one more and a project on Tuesday, then I will be done! YAY! Good luck on your finals!

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  1. I actually tried on and loved that second shirt! But I didn't get it lol. I loved all the things you picked out! Especially the coral bag, I've been looking for a bag actually like that! Overall, great finds!

    xo, gina


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