Friday, August 27, 2010

Rubber Band Jewelry? + Fireworks & Treats!

Well, I went back to school and I noticed a lot of girls wearing the shaped rubber bands as bracelets, and I had seen them at Toysrus a while back.. I thought they were cool but never thought of them as jewelry! I mean you can't tell the shape (like if its a cat) when its on your arm, only when you take them off, but its still cool.
I was interested when I saw those rubber bands because its so weird how they can make them a shape...
anyway, I was at Walgreens yesterday, and I saw that they had the mini version, except they said they were rings! So they were selling them as jewelry...
Here's a picture

So now I'm wondering if someone started it or the stores or the company itself did..
Anyway, I saw some fireworks last weekend, and took some pictures, here are the ones that turned out kinda good. (sorry about the quality) This was my cell phone camera, but I think it took it better than my normal camera would...

And of course, some treats!
I saw these at Walgreens but I wasn't too sure how good they would be, I do love cookie dough (the nestle break 'n bake are SO good!) but they weren't refrigerated so I was kind of worried. Has anyone eaten these before? Are they good?

We kinda went there because I wanted some Fig Newtons...don't ask =P but we couldn't find any so I got some from Safeway, along with some oreo stix and cakesters, I never tried the stix one before.
I love that oreo has so many different things! I love the cakesters, and the chocolate covered one and the 100 calorie cakester and 100 calorie original. And of course the original oreo! I could live on oreos, they are the best thing in the world (when they aren't soft or soggy) It deserves being Americas favorite cookie! =)
sorry if the picture looks kinda bright

And these were from Walgreens, I wanted to try them out, I don't really like the sour dots... the sour powder is all clumpy and weird..

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, my airport post will be up tomorrow, I just go crazy and really want to blog about random stuff like this so I didn't get to it... 

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  1. the cookie dough bites are my FAVORITE!! they are soooo yummy if you have a sweet tooth, love chocolate, and like chocolate chip cookies. they are so good! now you have me wanting some :)

    that's cool that they made rings...everyone's wearing the bracelets though. I've personally never got into them. Not really my thing. But I think the thought behind them is actually pretty cool.

    also, really pretty fireworks!

    xo, gina


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