Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Ankara Pt.2

I'm Back! Here is the rest of the pictures from our stay in Ankara...
I do want to mention that I don't have a lot of picture of historical or touristic places because we already went to those places one of the 15 times that I've been in Turkey, but if you would like those type of pictures, I'll try to look at our old pics and find them.

Theres a store in Turkey called LC Waikiki and shortened to LCW and their store always made me think it was GAP, and they are kind of like GAP, they are pretty famous in Turkey and EVERYONE goes there
It looks kind of like this but it looks more like GAP

So this was a shirt there, from the pregnant section. It says "AAAAAAAAAANNE!" which means "MOOOOOOOM!!"

This one is so cute, the baby's hat is so cute, it says  "Baby on Board"

And this one says "9 Months of Adventure" how cool? Since Turkish people love America they like write everything on shirts in English even if it doesn't make sense.

My brother made my grandma get a double chocolate chip frap from there, except here its decaf but there its soo good because theres coffee in it and the flavor is amazing!

These were some eyeshadows. Look at how pigmented it is! I love all those colors and how bright they are!

The bags from shopping! I went to MANGO!!! =) I also hear they were going to sell some stuff at JCPenny soon...

It says Cheetos Sweetos! Its so cool, they are these little triangle chocolate flavored pieces with chocolate inside. It said to try it with milk, like cereal but I didn't do that yet.

This was the huuuuuge mall we went to, and its AWESOME! They have a mini amusement park in front, and its 5 floors and its just enormous. It's called Ankamall-get it? 

Here was the front.... like I said it was huge and so amazing.. gosh I love that place =)

This is a sweet they have their, its like gooey and like a lollipop but melted I guess? The lady just swirls it around a stick, she put all the flavors which I didn't really like, I wish you could choose the flavors but she said it was best to have them all.

These are the flavors, they are like super gooey and sticky...

There was a little kid arcade like every 10 steps at the mall!!!! My grandmother just kept giving money to my baby brother, and he just kept playing. This was a little pool where kids rode on little ducks and stuff, I think it was so cool, but baby bro didn't like it. 

Also, they have these amazing pieces of corn in a cup in Turkey at the malls and I love to put lemon juice and salt, so its a little sour. But I only had it like twice this year =/ and I forgot to take a picture.... sorry... I know they had it at the Anatolian Festival so when I go there again, hopefully next year, I'll take a picture and a video of the famous Maras ice cream! It's a very sticky and hard ice cream, and the people that give it to you usually make it hard for you to get.. I might even have a video somewhere...

Well that was long...
One more post of our trip!
Bye darlings!

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