Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burning Up in Cali

OMG it is SO HOT........
sorry, but it really is! Its 103 degrees, which is CRAZY! I came home from my crazy hot school and I was greeted with stuffiness and guess what? HEAT.........
I told my baby brother we should get the mini pool so we inflated it and then spent an hour filling it HALFway up with water (we dont have a hose)
And that was bearable, but guess what? My brother would bring the water and it would be freezing and when he poured it in, it would warm up from the ground. We were in the SHADE!
Sorry for using so many capitals but today is so crazy and hot and dry and omg I got out of the pool 5 minutes ago and I am already hot =/
I wanted to take some pictures but I didn't want to risk it, but you can see the pool here:
I went outside with my laptop to take a picture because I was too lazy to take my camera then upload it, go figure =)

Hahah I know, pathetic, more pathetic that I am a junior in the kiddie pool =P
Omg! Even though this summer we didn't go swimming like, at all, I've always wanted and underwater camera or case for mine. Especially when the Shaytards took all those videos in the water...
Well... I think I might faint or just lie down here as far away from my computer as possible.
My brother has hogged the fan... and we don't have an AC... lol
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little heated (get it? lol) rant...

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  1. I wish it was hotter here! It was only 70 degrees and that's usually cold for the end of august!

    Haha, it's fun soaking in a mini pool. :) it's so cute, lol.

    keep posting! i love your blog :)

    xo, gina


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