Monday, August 16, 2010

Kittens in Konya

When we visited Konya, we would go out for a whole day, then stay in the next, as a rest day... it just turned out that way =)
I already posted some pictures from Konya, so here are the rest
My cousin went to this cosmetics store to get some nail polish, and I was looking at some lipstick and this was by chanel, but I loove it, you can see all the little glittery pieces. It's a really pretty color

We were walking to the minibus and this cat walked with us like halfway there... it was so cute.
Thats my baby brother and you can see my brother in the back
At this store they had these cute purses and I was looking at it and it has a little section on it that you can remove and take as a mini purse! So cool!

Hahahah I know, I'm weird, but I blurred out the toilet even though there was nothing in there..
Isn't the lid thing soo cool?
There's seashells and starfish!
They have these everywhere in Turkey, they give you this ice cream cone with fruit in it and they put chocolate in looked sooo good.
We went to a restaurant there, this is the table and the view. It was kind of fancy, so they would fill up your water if it was halfway done, and my friends little brother was sitting next to me and the guy came to fill his cup and he looked at him and he was like "why are you putting more water in it?" It was soo funny
This was in my cousins car, its like a little voodoo doll! So cute!
We went to their other house and I saw this lighter and I was just playing with it, but the gas level thing was on high so it was a huuuge flame, so I took a picture of it =)
These are the little keychain versions of the doll my cousin had..
Isn't this guitar dude so cute? I love his hat and glasses.
I have another one of these guys, he's a little bigger, I'll put a picture of him when I find it...


  1. Cute purse!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. haha i love the toilet lid :)

    and that purse is really cool! It's cool that it's two in one.

    thats also a really pretty lipstick color! it looks gorgeous!



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