Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Ankara Pt. 1

Even though Ankara is the capital, Istanbul (the city between two continents) gets all of the credit and fame. Not that I mind =)
Do you like blurry pictures? =P This was the bus we went on. From Konya to Nevsehir we were in the first seats, and from Nevsehir to Ankara, we were in the back. Like allll the way =)

Can you see? That was the clock on the bus. IT was 00:00 which is midnight. I really like how it was shaking so much and the lights make a pattern

Random wall.. but it was so pretty! It was so shiny and gold!

I think its called the Bazaar in English.. where people sell fruits and sometimes clothes and stuff.. yeah these were some grapes

Some watermelon, I just noticed that they are all oval-ish. 

How cool is this pyramid of peaches? =D

The view outside our friends house, they have a lot of apartments in Turkey

Zoomed in there was a Turkish flag and the wind made it perfect to take a picture.

This was the clock in their house.. it was soo cool

This was their light, it kind of matched their clock. 
Lol. I just take pictures of stuff in peoples houses.. am I really destined to be an interior designer? =P

This was one of the malls we went to, it was actually the smallest and I don't really like it that much.
It says Optimum Outlet, but I couldn't fit all of it in the picture.

See that gold ball necklace? Its so dramatic, it must be like several thousand dollars =)
My grandmother was like "don't take pictures! They might think you're gonna come later and rob the store!" =P
I was like I don't care Im from America, and I'll take pictures of a necklace if I want to... a lot of Turkish people really adore America, and when you come from their they get amazed and ask a bunch of questions..

Well I have part two, and some airport pictures, I really want to do a DIY but I am still working on my project so I can't do that yet, but I would love to do a back to school post. Any ideas?

Enjoy your last days of summer!
Here are some pictures from when we stayed their..

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