Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Recap

Well I'm organizing the pictures, and I had some random ones that just don't go anywhere....
so I thought I would explain what they are and when they were taken and such.
This is the delicious Coldstone Creamery cake we had for my baby brothers birthday last week. He kept saying "when we go to America, I'm gonna have a birthday, and be 4" =D

When we came back, we had a pretty spiderweb on our shoerack.. its a little blurry but this was the only picture you could see it in...

Our friends from Turkey that came to visit left today, so we went to chinese restaurant as a goodbye on Thursday
The food was sooo good... I loooove chinese food =)
Me and Leslie Burke (heheh I like to call my friend that) my shoes are the black ones, hers are the gray ones... we were looking after the kids
I got this shirt from H&M, well my mom did, from the Garden Collection and I loove it, Leslie also got it. And then guess what? Dee told me to watch Sonny with a Chance because Tawni had worn it, so I did...
I was soo excited! The only thing is, I thought her jewelry was a bit 
too much because the shirt already had a lot going on...
You can watch the episode Falling for the Falls Part 2 here
Lastly, it's been a while, but I got a $25 target gift card in the mail from Suddenly Darling Its a website for girls about modesty and you get points every day you sign in, and leave a comment and you can redeem those points for gift cards.... they have a lot of different choices, not just Target.
If you guys are interested go check it out, if you decide to make an account, please do it with my referral because that way I can get points too!
My referral link is here

I hope you guys enjoyed this random recap...
Tell me if you visit Suddenly Darling! 


  1. Sunny darling sounds so cool. I'm going to check it out!

    And omg, I love that H&M shirt! It is soo cute! And I agree with you about how she overdid her jewelry. I would have gone for a simple gold or silver necklace if anything. But the colors of that shirt are just so pretty. I love florals!


  2. @gina
    Yeah, I wear my gold owl necklace =)

  3. oh, that's so cool that you have the shirt that tawni wore. :)


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